February 17, 2005

Well everyone, It’s happening!!! NASCAR is coming. The Bud shootout was held this weekend, and 3 Doors Down played at the event. In a weekend or two (not totally sure, don’t remember) is the Daytona 500. Which can only mean one thing, everyone hide in your dorms, stay in your apartments, cause OH MAN is it going to be exciting and loud around here. The Daytona 500 coming to town also means lots of people from my home state, Tennessee, will be making a pilgrimage to Daytona. I’m looking forward to hearing that good ole southern twang of an accent again. It just doesn’t feel like you’re in the south when you live in Florida. That’ll be good news to all of you that live in the north, but for those of us who grew up in TN, GA, SC, AL, MS, it’s totally not living in the south here.

Anyways, it’s the middle of winter, more or less, and let me tell ya, It DOES get cold in Florida, but thankfully not too cold. Actually it’s only cold when the sun goes down. Since there have been a few cold fronts move through the past few weeks, it’s getting to around upper 50’s to 60’s in the daytime. But in a week it’s going to be back to near 80!! yEaH!!! Back in TN it was snowing the other day. Boo is all I can say about that.

School is going pretty good this semester. Way better than last semester. I’ve been doing a BUNCH of programs lately. It’s sorta like when I’m not at school, I’m on my computer typing away punching out the next homework assignment or doing Math or Physics homework. After being in Daytona for my second semester now, I’m getting more used to everything around town and school and all. I can’t wait for spring break time because; not one, but TWO car shows are going to be the week before spring break! I’m used to going up to Pigeon Forge, TN for some of the best car shows in the country, but these down here are supposed to be pretty good. We’ll see. I know for sure in the summer time I’m going back up to Tennessee for the Camaro nationals. Well, I’m out for now; I think I’m going to make a run to Taco Bell. It’s a shame that the nearest Sonic is 20-30 miles away in New Smyrna Beach. Sonic is the BEST! Haha. Talk to yall later.


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