February 17, 2005

I hope everyone is doing great! Let’s start from Rolex 24; it is a 24 hour continuous endurance race for two classes of cars, Daytona Prototype and Grand Touring. We went there at around 6:00 on Saturday (already six hours in race) evening with an intention of coming back late night, but we ended up staying on ground and sleeping in our sleeping bags. The atmosphere was amazing, people were “grillin and chillin” in the infield. I personally saw two crashed and one burned car. By the way the winner was # 10, SunTrust Group racing their Pontiac Riley Prototype. The most amazing part of this adventure was that my friends and I were able to sneak in the pit road area where the cars come for refueling and tire change. I had seen it on TV before, the way pit crew waits for their car and as soon as it pulls they jump on it and get it going in few (12 to 18) seconds, I actually saw it and believe me, the scene was incredible. We also saw the place where the mechanical geniuses work on the engines and test that everything works precisely faultless before the race starts. The ticket was $10 with Riddle ID card.

The race was over on Sunday, noon. I was almost deaf after staying there nearly 15 hours but I surely enjoyed it, enjoyed the roaring of those prototype engines which were doing 180 miles an hour.

On Monday morning it finally happened, I missed my programming class, this time I woke up at 8:19. I was lucky that my professor didn’t take roll or any pop quiz. He posts his notes on web so I was able to look it up and study it by myself.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before I came here (I was kind of expecting it as Riddle is primarily an engineering school) everyone was complaining that the girl to boy ratio at campus is very thin (1:8), but now that I am here and school has started I don’t thing it is that bad. There are some decent good looking girls on campus.

Oh! One more thing I found a new job on campus. The office of records and registration is going paperless and every document is going on server, so for doing that they needed some students, so I applied and got the job. I will be able to work on it through summer. By the way, did I tell you that I am staying over here for entire summer and fall, then going back home in Christmas break – sounds great right??

We finally started working with Catia (in EGR 120 Graphical Representation), a program used by engineers to draw engineering drawings. The program is remarkable, one can virtually draw (design) anything with it. I think we will have great time learning it.

My COM 221 technical writing class is very interesting, currently we are working on a project where we have to design a pamphlet or an instruction manual on “How to wash dishes?” It is typically meant for Aliens who have just landed and have very little or no knowledge of what things is like on Earth. The document ought to be very technical and it should contain every detail avoiding any confusing text which might lead to lawsuits and loss to the company. In addition to that it should include visual aid, effective technical text, easy to understand language and user friendly format. Did I mention we are working in groups?? I will leave the rest on you.

Stay well and see you next time!


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