April 28, 2005

Hello readers, I hope that studying for finals is not depressing you too much, I know for one of the boys it all became a bit too much, I don’t want to go into details, but it’ll be alright Weirdo. I am late writing this entry, as it has been hectic trying to get all of my presentations finished and getting some study done. All is well now though, I got everything handed in and I only have three finals left that I am not too worried about.

Anyway, I had a great time in France the week before last. The wedding was great; it was in a small village outside of Nice called Pellion. I fear that I might not do it any justice trying to describe it, so try and use your imagination. It was on the side of a mountain; very picturesque and quaint, just what you imagine a small village in France to look like, but nicer. The ceremony itself was great, very tasteful, and the champagne all day wasn’t bad either. The partying didn’t stop until the following morning at 6:30am, just as it should be. Coming back after that was possibly worse than returning after Christmas, you know what it is like when you have been looking forward to something for a long time and then it is over and all I had to look forward to now was finals. Devastating.

I am at present sorting out accommodation for next semester. Luckily one of the lad’s parents is buying a house and I have managed to bag a room. It’ll be fantastic to have my own room, not to have to worry about a roommate and being able to cook my own food in my own kitchen. I would love to be able to get a car next semester too; I hate having to rely on people to get around. I say that now but I am pretty lazy and I’ll probably manage not to bother going for my driving test. Good intentions, I’m full of them.

I am just a week from getting home for two and a bit month. I cannot wait. An old cliche I know, but this year has flown by, a whole year of the dorms, the village, essays, and tests, all over. And before I forget I would like to say that the staff in the village is a great bunch of people who can’t do enough to help you, and whatever they get paid is not enough. Also I would like to put a shout out to the boys on the team and in the dorms that have put up with me all semester and made this experience a bit more bearable. After all my complaining throughout the year I have to say that I have made some great friends and I have some great memories to take home for the summer.

It’s all come to an end. I wish I had something poetic to say but I don’t, so all I have to say is that I have enjoyed writing these articles and thank you to any of you that have taken the time to read them. I know it must have been painful for you especially with some of my writing. Thanks Hugh Davey.

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