June 22, 2006

It has been an interesting couple of weeks. I have been working on updating some existing flyers. Just getting them to look like the current flyers, so all is uniform.

I got to go out with an outside sales representative to visit a customer. We visited American Eagle.

Aviall offers a service, for a fee of course, called Estock. This is where the customer, American EagleĀ®, tells Aviall what they need to have on the shelves of their parts/supply room, minimums and maximums. Every week Aviall will go to their supply room and get a count and order what they need.

The customer has access to everything via an online database. No one at American EagleĀ® has to worry about keeping the supply room stocked or running out of something. This Estock program has been very popular and seems to be well liked by the Aviall customers that implement it. I

have also been working on a Michelin Tire promotion. When a customer buys $400 or more worth of Michelin tires, they must fill out an order form and they will receive a Michelin man bobblehead. They are also entered into a drawing to win a set of aircraft or passenger tires worth up to $1000.

My supervisor will be traveling on business for a few days, so I should be getting some even more interesting things to do. She likes to keep me busy, I cannot say I mind it at all.

I would rather be learning something than just sitting at my desk staring at the computer.

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