August 26

I went to Sundaes on Saturday. I can’t reject ice cream. You know if something is wrong with me if I don’t want ice cream. I love ice cream. I drove all the way to campus to have ice cream. Vick didn’t pick up the phone and Anita wasn’t available so I didn’t see them. I enjoyed my ice cream and went back home.

I definitely wish I was living on campus. I went back to campus in the evening to go to the Greek BBQ. College students love free food, well at least I do. The girls here seem different than the typical sorority picture I have in my head. Overall, the girls here are approachable and friendly.

Later on in the night, Cheese and I went to SAE back to school party at El Azteca. I was the designated driver. My roommate signed us up for play beer pong. Woohoo!! It was my first time playing the game. We won the first game and lost the second one. We had people routing for us. I met a lot of people that night. The bad thing about meeting too many people in a night is that you don’t remember their names.

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