August 28 – September 1

Today is my first day of classes. Also after talking to Danielle, I figured out that my first class is actually in the Student Village. After class, I had a break so I went to see Dr. Rodrigues to see if there was a spot open for the Intro to Safety Science course. There was an opening in the class and of course I dropped my 8 am Chemistry class.

Classes were cancelled on Wednesday because of the Tropical Depression Ernesto. It didn’t really rain that much. According to my meteorology professor we were on the South side of it so it doesn’t affect us that much.

Overall my classes are interesting. Some of my classes are going to get harder than others, but I’ll do my best. I have three female professors which is rare. Commuting to school is new to me. I actually carpool with my roommate. It’s a good thing because it keeps me from being late to my classes.

I also got a job in the humanities department as an office assistant. It was very easy. She basically just gave me the job. I officially started working on Tuesday.

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