October 4

I presented my speech today. I was so nervous at first that all that was coming out of my mouth was “ummm ummm.” One of my classmates that was sitting in front of me whispered “Wow! She’s nervous.” I just grabbed my outline and just started giving an informative speech about the St. Louis Arch. Towards the end of my speech, I was feeling a little bit more comfortable and I think the ending was great. I just need to focus on the beginning of the speech.

I also went to Orlando last minute to pick up a dresser I bought from craigslist. I had a lot of meetings to go to but I need this dresser so I can finally unpack my boxes. I realized that I have more clothes than what I actually thought and there was no way I was going to unpack it. My room is messy as it is right now. I am working on it. The reason why I didn’t go to Walmart or Target to buy one is because I didn’t want to have to build it. I just want to get an already made one. This dresser is real wood and it’s really nice too. I personally believe I got a good deal out of it.

I unfortunately missed all my meetings. The trip was longer than I thought and Cheese’s truck doesn’t really go that fast. Also the area where we (Amy and I) went to pick it up was called Avalon Park. I thought I was in Lala Land. The houses were gorgeous and some of them had Halloween decorations put up. Actually the person I bought the dresser from went to one of the Embry-Riddle Extended Campus somewhere in Europe. It gave me hope that someday I’ll have a beautiful house.

Amy and I finally got home. She actually had to leave for a night flight. Cheese and I unloaded the dresser from the car and put it in the living room. I had meteorology homework to do and school gets priority over the dresser.

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