October 16 – October 20

This week is the week I have been waiting for since it is the week I get to find out who my Big sister is. Each day this week, I’ll be getting presents and clues from my Big sis in the sorority. I am excited to get my clues.

My Big sis gave me so many exciting presents on the first day. I got chocolate candy, a picture frame, a disposable camera, and a photo album. Of course I didn’t know who I had at first. I think I am going to figure it out though. Isadora told me whose handwriting it was. The Bigs are sneaky and they have other people write the notes for them. Other presents I got were flowers, more candy, a CD, a candle, t-shirt, Channel Chance perfume, and a blanket.

I went to MC’s house to watch the ending of Project Runway. While I was at the house I was looking around her apartment for clues to see if she was my Big sis. I just wasn’t sure.

It’s weird but I also never get flowers and this week I got flowers twice. One set of flowers came from my Big sis. The other set came from a girl named, Joy. She was thanking me for finding her ID card and credit card.

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