November 2 – November 4

We flew to St. Louis on Thursday morning. We didn’t get into St. Louis until the evening. We were all tired of flying all day. We went to the hotel and went to the welcome reception. We met a couple of people from different chapters.

On Friday, we were at sessions all day. It was actually pretty exhausting, but interesting. The sessions covered many different areas such as membership, graduation, taking the ASP and CSP tests. They also talked about many different areas that you can do with a degree in Safety Science. The people in this organization are willing to help you out in anything you need.

On Saturday we had more session to go. We had an open forum and played a game which tested our knowledge. I am just in my introduction class so I didn’t know much. Some of the questions were specific to certain courses like fire protection etc. We managed to get contact information from other chapters because they heard that we just got our student section running again.

If any of you want to join ASSE or want to know more about it let me know. I would definitely recommend joining this organization.

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