February 4

Today I went to the shooting range for the very first time in my life with the Firearms Club. I was very nervous just because I had never shot a gun in my life. The closest experience was when I did the Firearms Training System (FATS) at a local community college in Los Angeles. I did laser shooting through a simulation program that would put me in certain events and I would have to decide on whether to shoot or not. It was very addicting. The guns I shot were a Glock 26, an 1851 Colt Revolver, an HK 47, and a Kimber 45. All the guys I was training with were friendly. They felt that knowing how to handle a gun is very important. It helps prevent accidents if a person knows what they are doing. Chad and Ryan were saying that girls get intimidated easily when they see a gun. I would have to agree.

The first time while the president of the organization was telling me all the components of the gun and teaching me how to use it, I hesitated and put the gun down a couple of times. Even though I know there wasn’t a magazine in the gun, I was scared to use it. The idea of having something in my hands that can cause so much harm petrified me. He made me point the gun at a target and pretend to aim and shoot until I felt comfortable. He then taught me how to load the gun along with some safety measures you need to take while having a loaded gun. By the end of the afternoon, I was feeling more comfortable in handling guns.

Keep in mind the school doesn’t tolerate having weapons at school. If you are going to live in the dorms, there are storage lockers off campus that you can rent and store your weapons. Campus safety is working with the Firearms Club in ensuring that the necessary safety precautions are being taken.

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