February 26

Hello Again Internet Friends

I am so relieved that we are approaching Spring Break. That may seem like I am starting to celebrate prematurely, but I am just getting excited for that time of year. Over the last two weeks I took an exam in all 5 classes and did crazy amounts of homework. Now that I am done with those I am relaxing for a little bit. Although, I do have another two exams coming up very quickly, so the relaxation may be short lived. I have a Thermodynamics exam on Friday and an Advanced Engineering Mathematics exam on Monday. So much studying will be done between now and then.

In other news, but still along the education line, I will be registering for Summer Session courses this Wednesday. I am actually very excited about this because I am going to be getting back on track. My first two years of college I did not take as many credit hours as I could have each semester. So I was slightly behind. However, now that I am taking courses during the summer, I am back on track to graduate on time. It is definitely a good feeling. The other nice thing to think about is the idea of being able to get back into an apartment off campus again. I like the freedom of being in my own apartment.

Outside of classes, it has not been too eventful, though I have had a couple of fun weekends. Two weekends back, my brother visited me from California. That was a great weekend. It was awesome to see family and hang out all weekend. This past weekend, we worked the Daytona 500 – that was freezing cold and miserable. Well, let me specify, working in the morning in 45 degree weather was miserable. If you saw the race, you know how awesome it was and what a great ending to the race there was. That was a fun weekend mainly because it was a long weekend.

On a side note, I wanted to thank all of the people that have read my journals and emailed me with questions. It is always appreciated when you find out your writings can help other people get a full grasp of the university. I apologize if you have written me recently and I haven’t responded yet. I try to respond to everyone as quickly as possible in between my studying schedule. Keep sending your questions: vonkr497@erau.edu or post them on the discussion board.

Oh and one more note since I mentioned summer session courses. If you decide, once you have been here, to take summer session courses, always consider all your options. If you just need to take lower level humanities courses, consider taking them at a smaller community college. I am not speaking against the university. I am simply trying to save you some money in the long run. By taking lower level courses at a community college, you can save money per credit hour, speed up your graduation time, and maybe even open up room in your course schedule for a minor. Now, when you get to the upper level courses, I recommend you take them at your primary university. This is mainly because most community colleges won’t offer the upper level courses in an engineering specific degree and even if they do, you are better off taking them at your primary university. That is just my bi-weekly college advice for this journal.

I hope all is well with everyone and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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