February 27, 2007


My trip home last weekend went rather well. The boys of Wood 5 stayed in Daytona and suffered through the Daytona 500. They worked at the race. I’m sure they had fun, but I’m kind of glad I wasn’t here.

Over the past week I have been ridiculously sick. Apparently (according to my mom) there is something going around Virginia that I picked up and brought back to Daytona with me. I had two days of barely being able to get out of bed, and I even went to the hospital at one point. So, needless to say, this was not Cat’s Best Week Ever. Luckily, the hospital is right across the street, and I discovered that some medicine I was taking was giving me some weird symptoms.

I missed a few days of class, but if you email professors ahead of time and are legitimately ill (like if you have an E.R. bracelette), they are fairly lenient about letting you make up what you miss.

And although the dorms make it easy for illnesses to spread (which, I’m happy to say, was not the case with my plague), the good thing is – there is always someone there to check up on you and get you anything you may need. Like ginger ale. Or a bucket.

My dad flew in on Friday and parked his plane at New Smyrna (where I work). I took him to Woody’s Barbecue – which, by the way, EVERYONE should visit. It’s at Nova and Dunlawton and they have THE BEST barbecue ever. We also went to a LASER LIGHT SHOW!!!! I know, it’s so 80s. But it was the Beatles and the Beatles are awesome, so I didn’t feel too dorky.

Last night we went on a casino cruise, which seemed like a good idea, until the boat started heading out to sea and rocking back and forth and to and from and… ugh. Many of our party were not feeling well. It was kind of miserable until the bartender made us an anti-sick concoction which worked very well. Everyone lost money except Steve, who won a lot. I guess he’s just lucky.

Today my dad accompanied me to all of my classes. He seemed to enjoy most of them. And since he’s a pilot, he was interested in all of the subjects.

And that’s about it! Email me if you have questions/comments!

– Cat

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