November 4, 2007

Happy late Halloween!  For Halloween, I went to the Star Shelter with Silver Wings and we all wore costumes to be festive.  I decided to be a witch and another student from my floor was a cowboy—the picture is online.   We passed out candy to the children and then some of them got their faces painted.  On campus they were going to have trick-or-treating, crafts, and a haunted house in one of the residence halls and the whole community was invited to attend.

Now that I have covered Halloween, let’s back up to the week before and those events.  I had Air Force Mid-Terms, the Physical Fitness Test, and I participated in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot I played flag football and came very close to scoring a touchdown!  Unfortunately, someone had to tag me right before I crossed the line, but I think my team still won!  For Air Force Mid-Terms we have an inspection and are supposed to wear our official uniforms, but l still don’t have a complete uniform so I am continuing to wear the t-shirt and jeans.  We also had to take a test and some of the questions I knew right away and others I couldn’t remember so I still need to study.  The Physical Fitness Test was on a perfect day because it was cool and the humidity wasn’t super high.  Since the beginning of the semester, I have shaved almost a minute off of my run time.

The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk that I participated in with Silver Wings, all the money we raised was for the American Cancer Society.  I thought the walk was really fun and we got to walk over this huge bridge.  In my pictures you can see the bridge and the enormous amount of people that participated.

This week I attended another women’s event—“An Evening with Jo” and all of the women attending were asked to dress in business attire.  I was so glad that I had another reason to wear the suit I just purchased.  The evening included dinner from Olive Garden and a talk from Jo Ann Ames.  She works for Boeing and talked about her job and some of the challenges women face in the workforce.  Everyone should take advantage of these events because it’s a great way to network and there is always free food!

In addition, the College of Business hosted a seminar talking about consulting work.  The speaker works for a small consulting firm in Chicago, IL and gets to travel all over doing work with airports.  Before I went to the event, I was thinking that maybe I would like to be a consultant.  Afterwards, I realized that consulting is most likely not the right job for me.  I am glad I went to the event because I learned a lot of new information about airports.  Make sure you always check out the bulletin boards in each building because that is how I find out about all these events.

On Saturday, I went with my Honors class to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and then to my professor’s house for lunch.  When we arrived at the lighthouse, we got our own tour guide and for about three hours we learned all about the lighthouse and the buildings around it.  I have only been to one other lighthouse and I didn’t get to go inside of that one.  This one you can climb all 203 steps and we all did, including our 86-year-old tour guide and it was his second climb of the day.  After eating lunch, we went to the ocean and the waves were pretty rough looking.  I had a wonderful time and was glad to get off of campus for the day!  We are supposed to get to go sailing soon and I am looking forward to that.  I put some pictures of the lighthouse online, so don’t forget to take a look!  Saturday night I went to the basketball game and we won!  We played the College of the Bahamas and the score was around a 100 to 50.  Next weekend is homecoming and hopefully the competition will be a little bit better.

Last entry I mentioned that registration for spring classes was starting and that I would keep you updated.  Well, I was able to get my advisor and Honors advisor to sign my schedule on Monday and then I took it to Records and Registration.   I was expecting a long line but surprisingly there was no line at all!  The whole process took about five minutes and when she was done I got a printout of my schedule.  If you go early everything works out!

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