March 12

Hey Everyone,

BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s how I can describe my past 3 weeks. It has been insanely crazy, but it has been a lot of fun as well. I’m getting ready for spring break right now with only 2 days left!!!!  Classes have been going extremely well. I am finally understanding my Safety class which is awesome, because I didn’t do so well on my first examination. Speech is going well, we have now given 3 speeches, all of which I have done well on, Math… Well we won’t go there!!! No, it’s been going well, it’s just been a lot of work and it’s exhausting sometimes. Aero Sci is going well, I actually like that class, it’s really interesting, but it’s a lot of information to memorize. I’ll tell you about some of the extra things that I have been doing that have been keeping me so busy.

For Air Traffic Control Organization, we had the President of NATCA come and give a Q&A session for us, and it was really awesome to meet him. There was a lot of information that he had to share with us. He is featured in an article that the Vice President of ATCO and I wrote about the event:

“NATCA President Visits ERAU

On Thursday, February 21st Patrick Forrey, president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) spoke to the students of Embry-Riddle. Mr. Forrey’s speech covered the current issues of the air traffic control industry and NATCA’s involvement in solving these issues. Forrey spoke briefly about his involvement with NATCA before opening the floor to questions.

Some of the major topics discussed included: Air traffic control salary issues, shortage of air traffic controllers, the elections and candidate endorsement, and the relationship between CTI schools and the Oklahoma City training facility.” When he spoke to the students, it was motivational and he encouraged them to be the ones to change the future.

Overall, it was a rare opportunity to receive some insight through the eyes of someone who has so much influence on the future of the air traffic control industry. Embry-Riddle looks forward to his return in the fall of 2008.

It was really a great experience for everyone who came. It was a little on the short side since he had previous engagements in Jacksonville. Nonetheless, it was really awesome for him to come here.

ERRSA: Well I told you all last time that I was bidding for the position of Vice President for the organization, but unfortunately I did not get it. I am, however, running for the position for next year. ERRSA has been going well besides that little “set back” and I’m really looking forward to elections for next year!!!

Bike Week: I hate bike week!!!! Just thought I might mention that! Since I do ride a motorcycle it was really cool to see all of the bikes, but there were just so many it was ridiculous and they are all showing off so there were like 6 deaths due to people not being careful. I don’t have much else to say about it but the fact that it was a CRAZY week!

Ryan Skipper Event: About three weeks ago, I was asked to sing at an event and so I decided to meet with the planner and discuss what it would be for. Well, I found out that I was singing at a vigil for the one year death anniversary of a young man who was killed due to a hate crime. I also found out that his parents would be there and I’d be singing to them. Well I knew right away that I was going to sing the song, “On Eagles Wings” so all I needed was a piano player. The event was on March 7th and I didn’t get a piano player until the 5th so we had to do some major practicing. The event was very inspiring, influential, and sad. It was such a mix of emotions. There was a documentary about his life, which brought everyone to tears and then we went over to the campus ministry for the vigil and that’s when I sang, and it was so emotional for me to have to sing, but at the end of the song I knelt down in front of his mom and held her hand, so it ended up being fine after all, and I was offered so many compliments which helped because I was so nervous to do this, but I’m so glad that I did.

BEACH:  The weather has been getting so much warmer now and it’s definitely BEACH TIME!!!!!!! I have gone to the beach more times this semester so far than I have in like the past 5 years of my life.  Every time I go to the beach I call my Mom back home in Buffalo, New York and rub it in her face! She tells me its like 5 degrees and snowing and there I am sitting on the beach. It’s sooooooooooo nice!!!

Space Shuttle Endeavor Launch:  So this past Monday night slash Tuesday morning the Space Shuttle Endeavor launched at 2:28am… OMG!!! It was so amazing to see a night launch. I will have pictures on the site for you all to see. When the shuttle lifted off the night turned into day, and it looked like the sun had just come up, it was AMAZING!! Unfortunately, that was the last night launch. Truly, a great experience!

So this is what I have been up to lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun, but I definitely need a break!! I hope you all are doing well in school! I still have not heard from anyone about getting accepted!!! Let me know!!!  Take care everyone!!!!

Until Next Time,

Joey Jaworski




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