April 28, 2008

Well, it’s the end of the semester and the end of my first year at Embry-Riddle! It is even harder to believe that this is my last journal entry. These past two weeks have been leading up to finals and I have been busy trying to finish up my projects and studying for my Marketing and Microeconomics finals. However, I have found some time to have fun. This weekend some friends and I decided to take a break from all of our studying and go drive go-karts. I had so much fun driving the go-karts and we spent two and half hours there racing one another on the three different tracks. Finals started on Saturday and now I only have two left on Tuesday, so I only have to study a little bit more and then I am done.

The Air Force Dining Out was a lot of fun because everyone was all dressed up in their Service Dress. I had a good time talking to everyone. There was a social hour before the dinner started and everyone got to mingle with one another. Then, we took our seats and watched a video that reviewed the entire year. Several toasts were made and then we ate dinner, which was really good. Next, the Colonel announced the new Wing Staff and made a few announcements. The entire event was a good time and I am looking forward to next year’s! Also, I was supposed to get to ride in a C-130 at Patrick Air Force Base; however, after we arrived we found out that we wouldn’t be able to due to maintenance issues. I was a little disappointed but I enjoyed getting to see another Air Force Base. Check out my pictures because I posted a couple of the airplanes and one of me at Dining Out.

For my last journal entry I thought that I would leave you with a few tips:

  1. Join some clubs because that is the best way to meet people. You should check out Silver Wings for sure! Go to the Activities Fair held during the second or third week of school on Heritage Walkway to find out more about every club.
  2. Go to the free events and lectures. A person can never have too much free stuff! Also, the lectures are beneficial because you might learn something new or earn extra points in one of your classes and don’t ever pass up extra points.

If you are planning on joining Air Force ROTC, then keep reading!

  1. Relax!  Things may seem overwhelming but you will get the hang of it after the first few weeks.
  2. Bring a blue or black backpack because you can’t wear any other color while in uniform.  Also, a black belt and some polo shirts because you sometimes want to look professional when you go into the Detachment.
  3. When you get the uniform, you will need black shoe polish (Kiwi Shoe Polish is the best), white v-neck shirts, spray starch, and an iron. If you don’t know how to use an iron, make sure you learn how this summer.
  4. Don’t forget your running shoes!

I hope everyone has a great summer and maybe I will see some of you around campus next semester!  Your schedules and room assignments should arrive during the first weeks of August.  If you have any questions throughout the summer, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at sidesk@erau.edu.

Kaleigh Sides

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