May 14, 2008

Hey Everyone,

Well this is my first Journal of the summer session and I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far. So, I’m taking two classes and I’m working three jobs this summer. It’s been going really well so far except for the fact that this campus is dead!!!! Let me break it down for you. When you can go from your room to your class during the time of class changes and not see anybody until you get into the building of your class, you know the campus is pretty empty. The upside of that is the fact that a lot of my friends stayed for the summer, so its been nice to hang out with them a lot since there is nothing else to do. We have been going to the pool a lot after work and class and whatever else needs to be done. This summer is actually going to be relatively busy for me and I’ll let you all know what I have planned, what you all can look forward to, and some GREAT additions to our campus this summer.

So for the past two or three weeks I have still been pretty busy with AcaFellas. On May 5th we sang at graduation where we sang the National Anthem and the Alma Mater. We then were able to sing at a fundraising even on Friday the 9th for the Army of Hope which raised money for veterans and the families of those whom have lost loved ones in war. This is actually our second event for the Army of Hope, because we also sang at a picnic on May 3rd for them as well. Some other events we have sang at were the ROTC ceremony and the Masters hooding Ceremony. The group had ceased for the summer but I’m looking forward to bigger and better things next year.

So now that we are in the summer, and as the Vice President of ERRSA, I am already starting my plans on newer ideas for the ERRSA Office next year and some office renovations that have been long awaited. The executive board for next year could not be more perfect for changing the ways ERRSA has run in the past to a more professional yet less strict way. ERRSA is supposed to be a fun way to get all the residents involved and we are here to serve them. We may have slacked a lot last semester, but we are on the path to a bigger and better ERRSA!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

One of the jobs that I am working this summer is with The Summer Academy here on campus. I am a counselor for those kids who come here to go to an Academic Camp to either pursue their interest in Aviation or to learn about aviation. We are here to make sure they are taken care of and that they do what they are supposed to do. The people at Summer Academy are absolutely amazing; Pam Peer is the coordinator and she is one of the nicest women I have ever had the privilege to meet and I am grateful to be working for her!!! If anybody is coming to Summer Academy that is reading this then I look forward to possibly meeting you!!

Another thing that I am highly looking forward to this summer is the opportunity to go see the Launch of STS-124 on the Shuttle Discovery! Now you may all be asking why I’m so excited because its like the 3rd one I’ll be seeing but this time I GOT PRESS PASSES!!!! That means I’ll get to be right near the countdown clock and within 3.1 miles of the launch pad!!!! I will hopefully be getting a new camera before then and I’m going to take SOOOOO many pictures of the experience. It’s on May 31st at about 5:02pm!

So this summer I am taking 2 classes and this is what they are:

AT300 – Intro to ATC – Professor Marv Smith

This class so far is exactly what I expected it to be which really isn’t a good thing. It’s not anyone’s fault it’s just the fact that the class is so tedious with the little things we have to learn and its just not the most exciting material, but it’s necessary. The Professor is awesome, he’s a funny guy and he understands that this stuff isn’t the most exciting material so he does the best to make it fun. I’m in the class with 2 of my friends so it makes it a little bit easier!!!

AS254- Aviation Legislation- Professor Frank Gallup

This class is an okay class but its run a little bit different. The class is basically run by the students. We each have two presentations that we have to do throughout the semester we do one on a piece of Legislation that has affected Aviation and then we have to do one on an Airline Case Study. Each presentation requires a four page report, a one page summary, a power-point and a 20 minute presentation. It sounds like a lot and I pretty much FLIPPED out when I found out, but I don’t think it’s going to be as bad I feared.

This summer is going to be filled with a whole bunch of my activities outside the norm, and I’m going to make the best of it as possible. One thing that I am most looking forward to is when my Mom is coming to visit me in June. Since I can’t go home this summer due to my job it will be nice to have a little bit of home come to me!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer so far, or are finishing up a great year and looking forward to a great summer. I’ll be writing every two weeks like I did during the year and if anyone has questions, comments concerns, feel free to contact me.. ALSO.. Please continue to send ideas of what you would like to see on the campus so that I can include it in the Admissions video that is going to be made!!! This is for your benefit so get your input!!!!!

Until Next Time,

Joe Jaworski

AIM: Hyporboy226



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