June 2, 2008

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well and that summer is going great. Summer here has been going pretty well so far, not much to do but I’ve been managing to keep myself busy. I’ve been working two jobs and going to class so the weekdays have been going by the fastest, but weekends have been pretty boring besides the whole sleeping factor!!! Anyway, I have done a few things that I will talk to you guys about, so I hope you enjoy this entry!
AT300- This class is amazing! It is my 9:45 class every day (Mon-Thur) and the professor, Marv Smith, is pretty much the most amazing man in this entire world. He knows how to make class fun, funny, but still gets the information across to you. The class is so easy too, I got a 90 on my first test without even studying! So we have our next test very soon and I hope to do really well on this one as well!
AS254- Aviation Legislation is going a lot better, as I told you all last time, we have to do two presentations and write two papers and blah blah blah…. Well I’m done with both of them and now I only have to worry about the final. I really am learning a lot in the class though and I’m really enjoying it.

So I will tell you exactly why I don’t have much to write about and it can be summarized in my weekly schedule:
Monday- Thursday : Class 9:45- 11:15, Lunch, Class 1:15 to 2:45, work til 5:30, Homework
Friday- ERRSA stuff
Sat & Sun: BOREDOM!

That is seriously what this past month has been like, but in a way it’s kinda nice because I don’t have to worry about meetings popping up or things like that. I really like having a set schedule it just gets a little repetitive!

Okay so FUN STUFF!!!

That’s right, I was in the press site! It was amazing! So the night before the launch they do a tower rollback and we, as press, get to go to that and it is literally like 1000 feet away from the shuttle where we get to stand! So that was the night before the launch. The next day we got to Kennedy Space Center at 10:00 for a 5:02 launch… We got to go to crew walkout and we were like 50 feet away from the crew and astrobus! I was in awe the whole day and when that shuttle took off and you’re the closest that anybody can get (3.1 miles) you experience something that not many get to. The beauty of it, and especially the sound that you hear, it was so loud it shook me, it is something I will never forget! PLEASE GO CHECK OUT THE PICTURES ON MY WEBSITE www.virb.com/joejaworskiatc they are truly amazing!!!

So that’s been my much needed excitement for the past two weeks, but coming up I’m looking forward to my mom visiting me next week so I’ll be sure to write about that in my next entry. I really hope you all are having a great summer and if you have any questions at all about anything on campus or anything in general please feel free to contact me whenever you want!!

Until Next Time,

Joe Jaworski
Email: Jaworksj@erau.edu
Pics: www.virb.com/joejaworskiatc

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