July 13, 2008

Hello again, I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July! Mine was absolutely amazing. T he other interns and I spent Fourth of July weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina! I know I know, so patriotic of us right? But wow, Buenos Aires was a wonderful cultural experience. We departed July 3rd at 9 pm and arrived in Buenos Aries the next morning. Yes, Argentina is a 10 hr flight away! The crazy part about this trip was that when we got off of the airplane, it was 50 degrees outside. Since we were below the equator, it was winter down there. It was so nice to get away from the 100 degree heat of Texas. After we arrived at our hotel, we went and grabbled one of the best lunches I have ever eaten. Argentina is known for their steaks, so of course we had to try a steak restaurant. We went to a nice, extremely fancy place down the street from our hotel and ate like kings! The best part about Argentina is the price. Three pesos are worth one dollar, so everything is really cheap. We all ate a $90 steak dinner for $30. What a deal. Then, after a wonderful lunch, we decided to walk around the shopping district in Buenos Aires. It was so awesome to see all of the cultural goods they had for sale. We finished off the night with a wonderful evening of Salsa dancing. The next day we all got up and took a wonderful bus tour of the city. We saw all of the famous sights and I got my picture taken with an Argentinean dancer! After experiencing all of what Argentina had to offer, we headed back to the airport for our long journey home. It was a short weekend trip packed with culture and excitement! What more can I ask for?

After returning from Argentina, it was time to begin our first round of training. Monday we went to our first class at the Continental training center, FMS. This is where we learned how to program the computer system and autopilot in the 737. The class was from 8-5 on Monday and Tuesday and wow, we learned a lot! The teacher took us through every aspect of the flight, and showed what to expect for the simulators. It made me feel a lot more confident about flying one of these big jets. It actually isn’t as hard as you may think. After the completion of the FMS class, I finished off the week with a few days of good work.

I hope everyone continues to have a wonderful summer and I will keep you posted on the progression of my training. The next few weeks will be the most exciting and intense weeks of my life! Until then, time to get ready for work tomorrow. Have a great week!

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**Minor:** Aviation Weather **Age:** 21 **Hometown:** Dallas, TX **Career Goals:** To become a captain for a major airline. **Activities:** Part time flight instructor at Embry-Riddle Team Safety Leader **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** I wanted to go to a school that would train me to be the best and safest pilot I could be. The discipline and professionalism Embry-Riddle provides for their students has allowed me to achieve this goal.

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