July 14th

Well honestly the last couple weeks have been slow. We have found a couple of issues with the plane that came back from Gulfstream. Currently we have had an issue with the Flight Data Recorder not receiving power. We have been through all sorts of possible explanations over the past few days and still we can not find the problem. I even had to crawl up into the tail cone because no one else was small enough to fit and check out the little black box. We’ve also had problems with the galley sink not draining correctly because Gulfstream ran the drainage lines wrong somewhere along the line thus we’ve had to have some of the Gulfsteam techs come out and try and fix what should have been right to start.

In the name of corporate aviation we actually had a last minute pop up trip, which in all honesty was a miracle that we got the plane out as fast as we did. From the time the call came in from the CEO’s office to the time the engines spooled up, only about 1 hour and 45 minutes had passed. On a normal day it takes about 2 and ½ to three hours to get a plane fueled, stocked for the passengers and all the preflight actions done, but by the time the pilot’s showed we had the plane fueled and ready to go.

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