September 27, 2008

The Relay for Life committee met on Monday and we are now trying to recruit all the clubs on campus to sign up and have a team. This coming Monday we are going to be holding Early Registration, so it’ll be exciting to see how well our recruiting efforts worked. In my last entry, I mentioned how my group for Management of Production and Operations class was waiting for our topic to be approved. Well, we got our topic—American Airlines—which means it’s time to get started on the paper. We all decided to have the paper completely finished by November 1st; in order to turn it in early and have time for revisions. I need to get started on my research this week! For PT, we were supposed to go on a Beach Run but the tide was too high and instead, we had to run around campus. On Wednesday for Lead Lab, we had a Warrior Competition between all the flights and my flight WON! The competition consisted of marching around campus to various areas and then participating in drill evaluations, proper uniform wear, and spirit competitions.

Airport Management Club had their meeting at the Daytona International Airport and we got to hear the Director of Aviation speak about his job. I enjoyed listening to him because he has been working at the airport for a long time and was able to tell us how some of the advancements in technology have made his job easier and harder. I’m so glad that I joined Airport Management Club because it allows for me to connect with people in my major. For instance, my Managerial Economics class is pretty hard and I needed someone to study with but there are only ten people in my class and I don’t know any of them. However, a girl in Airport Management Club is taking the same class, only at a different time, so we made plans to study together. On Friday, a group of girls and I decided we needed to take a break from all the boys and have a Girls Night Out. We went out to dinner and a movie—Nights in Rodanthe. I thought the movie was really good, but next time we are going to go see a funny, uplifting movie. The next day I woke up and my throat was extremely sore and I had a really bad headache. Unfortunately, everyone has been getting sick. You walk into the computer lab and everyone is coughing or sneezing and then the germs just sort of spread to everyone. I was able to study a little for my Economics test, but I spent most of the day sleeping.

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