October 4, 2008

I think all of the sleep helped because on Sunday I was feeling a little better and I went to the Arnold Air Beach Bash. Every year Arnold Air puts on a picnic at the beach and invites everyone in AFROTC and Silver Wings. I played some beach volleyball and had a good time hanging out with friends. That afternoon I went to Extra Drill and found out that I would be in charge of marching the flight on Wednesday. I was pretty nervous about it because I didn’t want to make a lot of mistakes in front of everyone. So I practiced a little at Extra Drill and decided not to think about it too much and focus more on my upcoming Economics test. My study partner and I met up in the library and studied for a couple of hours. The day of the Economics test arrives—I get the test and see the questions and think to myself, “I can do this! I know the answers to these questions!” Anyhow, my studying paid off because I got a 94% and I was so proud of myself! Wednesday morning—marching the flight—I did an okay job overall, but I did make a few big mistakes and several people let me know that I was not doing things correctly; however, I know what I need to work on so next time I can do better. Silver Wings participated in the Heart Walk on Friday night and I forgot to take my camera, so I don’t have any pictures. The Heart Walk is a community event that raises money for the American Heart Association and many Embry-Riddle clubs participated. After walking on the beach, we went to UNOs—a pizza place—because Arnold Air and Silver Wings were holding a fundraiser there to raise money for our conference in November. I had a good time eating pizza and talking to friends. The Women’s Center hosted a trip to Kennedy Space Center on Saturday and I had a really good time. I had only been there one time before, when I was six, and I didn’t really remember anything. I posted some pictures so take a look!

That pretty much sums up the past two weeks and the next two weeks look like they will be just as busy! A note to all high school seniors—start turning in your college applications and think about visiting the campus on October 25 for the Open House.

Until next time,

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