October 20, 2008

Wow! It’s not much of an introduction, but these past few weeks have been FILLED with emotions and excitement. I can’t believe the amount of fun I’m having here at ERAU! My flight training is going really well and my classes are absolutely amazing. When I’m not in class I’m either at the Avion, at a TFO meeting, hanging out with friends or at an important meeting or maybe just at one of the fun events we have on campus. There is so much to do around here; I really do feel like I’m at college!

Flight, so far, has been AMAZING! I love getting up in the mornings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to fly. My instructor is so amazing; he makes my flights both fun and informational. I have learned so much from him so far and I can’t wait to learn more about flying as the weeks go by. In my ground school, I have been excelling. I passed the last test that I wrote about in my previous post and had a test today. I also have a Pre-Calculus tomorrow. And as for papers, I have a 7 page paper due next week in my Intro to Computers and Applications class. I am researching Artificial Intelligence and so far I am having a lot of fun writing this paper.

In TFO, I am currently an active member of all three active committees and I am in charge of doing research on a few things. As you guys know, I ran for the position of Secretary but lost by 1 point. Even though I am not in office, I still want to make a difference on campus in any way possible. As for First Generation, we have a few events planned for the rest of the semester and we are now paired up with mentors/mentees in our mentor/mentee program. The Avion is crazier than ever! I love going there on Sundays to layout the Campus page. We have so much fun just goofing around. And the food is a BIG plus!

Outside of classes and clubs, I and my friends just keep coming up with tons of things to do to have a good time. We go to the beach every Saturday and play volleyball, and then at night we go out to eat somewhere around town. During the week, we basically try to get our class work done.

A few weeks ago we had a tornado warning issued on campus. The wall cloud literally moved right over campus! It was so scary and exciting at the same time. People were so excited and had a blast watching it go over. It was an experience like no other.

That weekend, we spotted a jetBlue A340 over at the ramp on the airport. No one knows exactly why it was there but it was really good eye candy for the pilots that were able to taxi past it for takeoff or after landing. It was very inspirational and encouraging for me because I hope to fly for jetBlue at some point in my career.

Halloween is approaching very fast and I need to come up with some ideas of what to do for that day. There are a few stuff planned on campus that I plan to take part of. For example, my dorm would be having some children from the community come to our dorm and trick-or-treat. I and my roommate are so excited to be a part of this. We got some candy and decorations and today I went costume shopping. There are a few more activities planned, for example, Doolittle Hall will be hosting a haunted house. Then after, I am planning on going to a Halloween party latter on that night!

Even though college is a blast, I still miss home. It’s not as bad as when I just moved in, but I think about home a lot. I think that apart from my mom, I miss my little brother a lot. We are very close and I miss not being able to hang out with him as I used to. I am getting used to the fact that my family is not here and that I have to do this on my own bearing in mind that they are behind me 100%.

For those of you guys that have contacted me, thanks for talking to me and I hope that I was of help to you. The rest of you guys, don’t be a stranger. Until next time!

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