November 16, 2008

Happy Early Thanksgiving! As of right now I only have 24 days left until the semester is over! I can’t believe how fast it has all gone by! This upcoming week is jam-packed with projects due, presentations, and a couple of tests; add on top of all that Air Force Finals and you have one stressful week. Oh well, because after that is Thanksgiving Break and time to kick back and relax before finals. This week I decided to switch it up a little and give an overview of what is up in all of my classes and then just highlight a few of the things I have done over the past two weeks.

MA 320 Decision Math
I do enjoy this math class; however, I’m still pretty excited that it is the last one that I have to take. On Friday, I have a test and it is the last one of the semester. The final is not required if you have A’s on all of the tests and an A average on the quizzes and homework. So I’m hoping that I don’t have to take the final because it would mean one less class to study for.

EC 315 Managerial Economics
Last week, we had our first homework assignment and it took me several hours to research and type up. The good part was I enjoyed doing the research because I was interested in what he was having us look up. This week we received another assignment and I have to write a small report on a jet engine manufacturer. I think I will enjoy that one too, and our library on campus has some wonderful resources for research, so finding information shouldn’t be too hard. The final for this class is cumulative-I think I might start studying some over Thanksgiving break.

BA 420 Production of Operations and Management
The project for this class was a group effort and we had to write a report on American Airlines and their operations. I procrastinated on this project and I think the rest of my group did too, but I know we will have it done in time. Also, we have to do a presentation and I know that we will rock that. Just remember when doing group projects that someone needs to be the initiator and get people motivated.

BA 314 Human Resource Management
This class required a group paper and presentation, also. My group has been outstanding so far and we could pick whatever topic we wanted to, as long as it related to Human Resources somehow. We chose to compare the business culture and some of the laws of the United States to China. Our presentation and paper are due on Thursday, so we are going to practice the presentation a couple of times on Tuesday and then we will be ready to present.

BA 320 Management Information Systems
This class deals with computers and their role in business. Another group project and presentation is required for this class. The project and presentation are also due on Thursday-Thursday is going to be busy! We have to design a computer network for a small business and provide a budget, timeline, and expectations. All in all, it has meant a lot of time in the computer lab researching and writing.

Air Force 201
All sophomores in AFROTC are required to take a one credit hour class that meets once a week. Last week, I gave my briefing on Weather Monitoring Sensors. We were handed a list of topics to choose from and I didn’t know anything about any of them, so I picked that one. It turned out really well and I learned about how weather data is collected in the Air Force. This coming week we have our final; I’m pretty excited to be done with one class!

For the second time, I donated blood and this time I didn’t get a huge bruise afterwards! Last time, the bruise on my arm lasted for about two weeks-it looked like someone had hit me with a baseball. Air Force participated in the Commander’s Cup and we won! The Commander’s Cup is a competition that takes place every semester between the different ROTC branches at either a soccer or basketball game. Each branch has several cadets compete against one another in various events such as: sprints, push-ups, pull-ups, and tug-of-war. Everyone gets pumped up and comes out to cheer their respective branch to victory. On Friday, we didn’t have classes and I spent the day helping get the Silver Wings float ready for the parade. heck out the pictures I posted! I was able to watch the parade and then the basketball game later that evening, which the Eagles won! The rest of the weekend was spent working on homework. I bought a small Christmas tree for my room and plan on decorating it with lights and putting it up soon. On Friday the 14th, I saw the space shuttle launch from a distance and it was pretty amazing! One time, I want to be able to see the countdown clock and then the shuttle launch because I think that would be awesome. This coming weekend is Silver Wing and Arnold Air Society’s Regional Convention, which I am going to since I am Regional Vice-President. I let you know how that goes in my next entry!

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