November 17, 2008

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Finally we get to go home for some good home-style cooking. That’s one thing you miss out on when you are in college. The food is good here, but there is nothing better than a nice home-cooked meal on Thanksgiving Day. A lot of people have already made plans for their travel back home. As for me, I’m still not sure as yet. I had decided to stay here on campus to catch up on some flight training, but at the last minute, there seems to be a chance that I can go home for that weekend. It’s not a sure thing but I do hope I get to fly back home! In the meantime, it’s almost finals and we have a lot of work that is due in the next few weeks. I have been working long and hard on a few papers and projects and I am in the final stages of them. We start registering for next semester this week and finals are coming up in the first week of December. Looking back on this experience so far, it all went by quickly. There are a few days when it seemed really slow, but the weeks just flew right by.

A few weeks ago, we had our Homecoming weekend celebrations. Homecoming at ERAU is so much fun. We had a parade, comedy show, tailgate party, concert, sports games and also an air show! We got lots of free stuff and partied a lot. There is a lot of school spirit during Homecoming and everyone is just really cheery and excited! It was a very fun experience and I am looking forward to next year’s Homecoming.

Flight is just a blast right now. I am amazed at the things that I am learning right now. Every day is a new experience and I learn to adapt to the changes with the help of my instructor. As each day goes by, I become more and more independent in my training, as I am putting to action what my instructor has taught me. I have my first cross country tomorrow and I will be flying to Jacksonville and back. After that I will be doing a night flight and then back to cross countries. I am really excited about where I am so far in my training and I can’t wait to learn more!

As far as clubs, I am still active in TFO and First Generation. We’ve participated in a lot of fun activities so far this semester. Coming up this Wednesday, I will be attending a dinner at the President of the Universities house. I am so excited to attend because it’s a really big opportunity. I am going with First Gen and I have no doubt that we are going to have a blast. TFO is currently planning a BBQ, which should take place in a week or two. It is still in the planning phase, but things are coming together really well. I have put off working on the Avion for a while, because I have been very busy with school work and flight. They hate me for not being there but understand that I have to do my school work. I will be back on production once I have completed all my papers.

As the semester is coming to a close and we prepare for the spring, things are getting pretty serious on campus. Finals are coming up and the final papers are due soon. Now is the time to make a good grade or fail. As freshmen, it’s a wakeup call if you haven’t been working hard, but if you have, it’s just a little motivation to keep you going.

Thanks for all the emails, don’t be afraid to ask me questions. I’ll try my best to get them answered.
Until next time!

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