December 2008

For the past few weeks, I have sat watching the numbers peeled away from the graduation countdown in the UC. I have also found myself avoiding the UC on days when I am feeling nervous about entering the work force during a recession. Or on days when I remember that I am moving back out on my own, this time without monetary help from the parents. Or when I realize that I still haven’t mailed graduation announcements. But, today, I looked and felt a little sentimental. While I have enough countdowns in my life, this is more a count back.

27 days left ‘til graduation

26 left to find a dress

25 people left to invite

24 invitations yet to be addressed

23x I have sat and reflected

How 22 years has already gone by

How I waited 21 for my best b-day

Or how at 20 I fell in love for the first time

At 19 when I figured out what I wanted to be

Or 18 when I thought everything in life came free

Except for those 17 ball gowns on which I overspent

For the 16 Greek formals which I attended

The gas for 15 miles to school each day

My 14 gallon tank, thank God, Daddy would pay!

Now, 13 applications into jobs out of state

I’ll send out 12 more and then just wait

11 possibilities for my graduate degree

I’ll cross my 10 fingers and hope for a guarantee

Just 9 more papers left to write this Fall

Just a few more 8 a.m. wakeup calls

7 years ago I moved to Daytona’s shores

After living in 6 other states before

I spent 5 weeks China learning tai chi

And 4 years as a sister in Alpha Xi

3 years as sweetheart to the best Fraternity

Went 2x to the ER for broken bones

All for 1 B.S. in Communications degree

And $0 taken out in student loans

It’s 3 a.m. and I have to get up at 8:00. If my math is correct, that will be 2 China Green Teas from Starbucks and 1 Prop’s chicken and rice to keep me awake. After all, the days are ticking away and I don’t want to miss a thing.

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