February 8, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I am pretty excited for Valentine’s because it is a three-day weekend and I am leaving Daytona Beach for a road trip. The Daytona 500 is that weekend, so I’m going to miss out on all the crazy traffic. I found out some good news last week-my sister is coming to visit me during Spring Break! I am pretty excited about it and we have already started making plans for all the adventures we are going to have. She has never seen the school, so I plan to take her on a personalized tour of campus. I can’t wait to see her!

This Saturday was the Bud Shootout (a race) and Silver Wings sold pizza on the corner of the street. We sell the pizza for $2 a slice but we always meet people who want to drive the price down. Some people would buy it and complain about how cold pizza is so terrible, but they always ended up finishing off the slice and sometimes coming back for more. Last year, Silver Wings sold the pizza in a parking lot but this year we ran into some problems with the race track management and had to move to another location. I sold pizzas for about 8 hours and was pretty exhausted from walking back and forth down the street.

Last weekend, I went to the basketball game on Friday night and it was Coaches vs. Cancer which means everyone is supposed to dress up and wear sneakers. One of my friends and I wore dresses, blue jean jackets, and Converses. We didn’t plan it and when I saw what she was wearing I was like, “What a coincidence!” I posted a picture of us on my site. On Saturday, I attended the Relay for Life Team Captains University which was basically a gathering of people from the area to share ideas on fundraising, how to get members on your team, and how to spread the word. I had a good time and we got some really good ideas.

I had Round One of tests last week-a test in Organizational Behavior and one in Corporate Finance. I think I did pretty well on both of them, but I will for sure do better on the next one because I now know what to expect. Round Two is this week with a test in Principles of Aeronautical Science and one in International Business. I really need to study for my International Business test because it contains an essay question and the test is worth 30 percent of my grade. I have a few study tips to share with you that seem to help me: highlight in the book, check out the practice quizzes on the book’s website, read the chapter, form study groups, and study ahead of time. Highlighting helps me remember key phrases and when I only have ten minutes to study, I study the highlighted stuff for a quick review. I also write out the key definitions because if I write them then I have to read them several times, so it sticks in my memory better. The practice quizzes can help because a teacher may pull some of their questions from there. I just go online fill out the quizzes and print them off, and then I go back through them and highlight the answer. Buy several highlighters and multiple colors because if you lose one you have another on hand! I read the chapter at least once so I can get a grasp of the whole picture. Study groups are essential because telling someone else helps you remember it more and if you don’t understand something they might be able to help you. Lastly, study ahead of time because there is too much material to cram at the end. If you study along the way, you will not feel so overwhelmed at the end. As you read the chapter, highlight and write out definitions; therefore, the days before the test just go back and review that material. I hope these tips help somewhat!

Some upcoming events that are on my calendar are a possible Beach Bonfire, Charity House (more on that in the next entry), and the Physical Fitness Assessment for ROTC. Still as busy as ever, but I am finding time to enjoy myself, have a good time and still get things accomplished. Right now, I am off to an Arnold Air and Silver Wings picnic! I hope everyone is enjoying school!

Until next time,

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