February 22, 2009

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well. I am so excited that February is done. Next month is March which means Spring Break! I am so excited because I will be going to my friend Derrick’s house in Rhode Island for a few days before going to my house in New York City. I am looking forward to going there and just relaxing and having fun. So far classes are going great. Took a few tests the past week and did very well on them. Classes can be tough at times but it’s not something that can’t be done.

Last weekend, Derrick and I went to his grandparent’s house in Fort Myers for the long weekend. It was so much fun and we really enjoyed it!

I am sorry to report that I have changed my major from Aeronautical Science to Air Traffic Management. It was a tough decision, but after thinking everything through, I decided that I would rather not be in too much debt with better job security than to pay a lot of money for flight training and not know whether or not I can get a good paying job or a job at all. I am taking flight as a minor as soon as I am financially stable.

I am still active with TFO, First Gen, and ERRSA. Also, I am pledging Delta Upsilon in the fall. I want to take some time to build my GPA up higher so I have a cushion in the event my work load gets too much. This Wednesday is the colonization ceremony. I will not be a part of that, but my bid still stands and when I am ready I will be initiated in. We held elections as to who will be the exec board for the Fraternity and my friends Derrick, Darryl and Mack all got elected as VP’s!!! YAY!!! I am proud of them and give them all my support and blessing.

There isn’t much going on this time around, but if you guys have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thanks to those of you guys that did, I am behind schedule so do not think I am ignoring you if I haven’t gotten back to you as yet, I promise I will. Until next time…

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