March 22

Spring Break is over, and I can feel the push toward the end of my second semester. With only 5 weeks of school remaining, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just as I had hoped, my grade came back from the latest MA112 exam, and it was a 97%! Although I have felt comfortable with my first two exams, the new material is much more difficult. I am trying hard and hope to score high enough on my last exam to keep my A in the class. In COM221, we have been assigned our final due dates for our papers, as well as two large group projects. Much of the success for this class comes with good time management. If you fall behind in Technical Report Writing, you are going to be in trouble. The assignments are not impossible, but there are a lot of them and you can’t procrastinate.

On Wednesday March 11, Alpha Xi Delta (one of the sororities at ERAU) held their annual Xi-Man competition. The whole point of the event is to raise money for their philanthropy, and the competition proved very successful once again. Each fraternity on campus can nominate one of their brothers to compete in the pageant-like event, and the winner is crowned the sweetheart of Alpha Xi Delta. The Delta Upsilon representative was one of my very good friends Mike. He had to take part in a swimsuit competition, Q & A session, boy-band performance (note the picture of the 4 DU’s in ponchos), and many other things. It was HILARIOUS to watch the guys get on stage and thoroughly embarrass themselves. Mike did an AMAZING job, and he placed fourth overall. Xi Man is a must-see event for anyone at Embry-Riddle, and I am already looking forward to the competition in 2010!

Just as everyone else, I was very excited for Spring Break to arrive. Nearly all of my friends left for the week, and I followed suit. My mother, sister, sister’s fiancé, and my best friend flew down to Florida and we spent a week on the beach near Tampa/St. Petersburg. The weather was absolutely perfect all week, and my skin picked up a nice tan. The first half of the week was very relaxing as we sat on the beach, ate good meals, and enjoyed each other’s company. However on Thursday, things got a little crazy. While we were all sitting in the living room, my best friend collapsed and had a seizure. I had never experienced anything like that before, and to say the least, I was horrified. The next few days were spent at the hospital, where my friend was unfortunately diagnosed with a form of epilepsy. The event was easily one of the worst things I have had to watch, and I feel so bad for her. Although I love spending time with her, I was relieved to send her back to her very concerned family in Missouri.

These next few weeks will be a busy time for the organizations I am involved with. Task Force One will be finalizing plans for the incentive and participating in the Relay for Life. Also, we will be setting up a booth for the spring sneak preview day to begin handing TFO over to the incoming students (so if you’re planning to be here – look for me). Delta Upsilon continues to be very time-consuming as well, as we work toward becoming an official chapter. We are working on recruiting new members, as well as shaping our colony of DU into what we want it to be. It is very rewarding to be involved on campus, and I continue to enjoy doing all that I do.

The time is coming to officially decide on a college, and I hope each and every one of you considers ERAU. The people, the campus, and the education are great, and I don’t think you would be disappointed with your decision. Please let me know if you have any questions and good luck with your March Madness Brackets!

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