April 05, 2009

Happy late April Fool’s Day! The weather has been really nice lately with the temperature in the high 80s for a couple of days. The warm weather makes me feel happier and ready for summer! In fact, we only have about three weeks left of classes, which is exciting. These past two weeks have been pretty busy and the next few are looking even busier, but I’m looking forward to it all!

On Wednesday, April 1st, we had our QFR (Qualifying Fitness Review) for ROTC. This is the fitness test that matters because the results precede you to Field Training and you are ranked against the other cadets in your flight by these scores. I was thrilled with my run time of 12:30 and overall very happy with my final score. I believe that I gave the run everything I had, but I hope to eventually have it down in the 11:20 range. We still haven’t received our dates for Field Training but the rumor is we will find out on Monday. I want to know when I am going so badly because I want to plan out what I’m doing this summer. On another note, we did receive our packing list so we can go ahead and start buying the items we need! In my next entry, I’ll let you know when I’m going and how the packing list is coming!

Relay for Life was held this past weekend on Friday thru Saturday. I learned how much work goes into the event from being a part of the committee. The whole event was a success even though it did downpour for about a half an hour. Also, I slept in a tent for the first time in my life and found it to be pretty comfortable surprisingly. Hopefully, next year will be bigger and better!

Registration for fall classes was on Wednesday and I found out that next Spring I will be done with my undergraduate degree and able to start work on my MBA. I was pretty excited when I found that out, but first I have to meet with the Colonel to make sure everything works out with the Air Force and their stipulations. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best! My course load for next year is going to be pretty heavy with 18 credits and on Tuesday and Thursday I will be in class from 9:45 till 3:30. I think I’ll enjoy my classes quite a bit and am looking forward to being busy.

On Friday, I had to give a group presentation in my Air Force class and I enjoyed getting up and talking to people about Operation Iraqi Freedom. In the Air Force, I want to be in charge of budgets and deciding where the money should be allocated so I know I’ll be giving lots of presentations later on in my career. Therefore, I’ll take advantage of all the public speaking opportunities I can get now! Many of my classes are winding down and the gearing up for finals is about to begin. I will not procrastinate on studying this semester. (I’m keeping the fingers crossed on this one too!)

Next year, I am going to be living off-campus but still in campus housing-the Chanute Complex. I was able to get a studio apartment which means I won’t be having a roommate. After having roommates for two years, I was ready to see what living on my own would be like. One part that I’m looking forward to is getting to decorate the place to look more like my home. Also, I’m going to be getting a tv so I can watch all my favorite shows but I don’t know if I’ll have the time next semester. Oh well!

In four days, I’m heading to Phoenix with Silver Wings in order to attend NATCON-the National Conclave for Silver Wings and Arnold Air. Basically, it’s a three day conference where Silver Wings and Arnold Air talk about business and decide on plans for the next year. It’s my first year going and I’m looking forward to getting dressed up because every day you have to wear suits and one night you have to wear a formal dress. Plus, the ERAU Silver Wings chapter is running for National Staff and I’m a part of that because I’m running for National Treasurer. I hope we win and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Some miscellaneous stuff that has happened recently includes having a panel interview for a scholarship (we still haven’t heard the results) and winning the 2009 Diversity Paper Competition hosted by the College of Business. I was pretty surprised that I won the competition and it just proved to me that you should always enter a contest because you never know what might happen. Also, I went to Busch Gardens with a friend of mine to celebrate my birthday and I had so much fun. I love roller coasters!!

I’m looking forward to the end of school but I plan on enjoying these last few weeks because a part of me is always a little sad to see the year end. If you are having a hard time making a decision about colleges, send me your questions and I’ll be happy to answer them!

Until next time,

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