August 17, 2009

Hello, again. Much has happened since I last wrote, as far as work is concerned. However, I wanted to take some time in this posting to mention some of the other things going on in this area outside of work, since there is a lot and I don’t want to make it sound like there is no fun in Cleveland.

On the work front, the end of the semester is drawing near and tasks are being wrapped up. The Thermoacoustic Stirling engine I have been working with will hopefully be running before I leave here next week. I have been working in the Stirling Laboratory here installing thermocouples, assembling Labview modules, and running wires for the test setup. It will be great to see this project come to fruition.

To avoid making Cleveland and NASA Glenn sound as drab as I may have been doing I offer the following. The whole area is a very active oriented place. Recently I began mountain biking here, and there are several parks and trails in the area built by local mountain biking associations that are free to ride on. There is also the availability of water sports, since we are on the Lake Eerie coast.

Moreover, the younger people (and some of the older people) here at NASA Glenn are very social. There are groups here such as the Developing Professionals Club and Co-op/Intern groups that constantly organize activities. They go out to movies, go on trips to Cedar Point, and generally have a good time. There are also volleyball and softball leagues here that everyone is able to participate in. All in all, this area is able to satisfy both the technical and social needs of any intern.

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