October 3, 2009

Tests are rolling by and the semester is nearly half over. Each week my agenda seems full with homework and club meetings, but there’s always the weekend to look forward to. As I’m just about settled down here, the weeks are flying by, and every weekend I try to do something fun. Usually, I’ll go flying with my roommate. Sometimes a few friends and I will drive to the beach or another city in Florida. Daytona’s location allows for easy access to attractions in neighboring cities – like Orlando and Jacksonville.

Last weekend, I flew with my roommate, and his instructor, to Marathon airport, located on the Florida Keys. I sat in the back, but who could pass up an opportunity to fly for free – and to the Keys? We grabbed dinner, and then flew back at night.

Weekends end fast, but I look forward to Mondays. This past week I had the opportunity to present a current event in the aviation industry for my principles of management class. As I’m passionate about aviation business, I couldn’t ask for a better assignment. It’s assignments like those that remind me of why I came here.

One of my favorite aspects of the college of business (known as the COB) at Embry-Riddle is the opportunity to spend vast amounts of time researching key issues in the aviation industry. Even in my Introduction to Computer Based Systems class, we’ve spent time focusing on new technology in airports.

This past week, I spent some time meeting with a professor to go over several questions I had about material we covered in the class. Not only did the professor answer each question I had, but also she made sure I understood the answer. The professors here seem to always have their door open, making it easy to get help.

Fall break is less than two weeks away, and I plan on going home to see family and friends. I’ll have a post up following my flight back up to Pennsylvania.

Until then,

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