April 2010

It seems as though it was just yesterday that I said it was the beginning of the Spring 2010 Semester, but now it’s apparent that only one month remains. Classes are coming to a finish and final projects assigned in January are… just getting started.

Housing for next semester is finalized and I am living just down the hall in O’Connor with 8 other friends. That’s going to be a great year (Fall 2010 – Spring 2011).

For those of you who are starting ERAU in the fall, look out, as I just might be your Orientation Team Leader!

Student Alumni Association is getting a move on as upcoming events such as the Etiquette Dinner are giving the exec board quite a list of things to do.

Fall course registration started today for sophomores. I registered for Commercial Pilot Operations (AS 321), Flight Physiology (AS357), Air Traffic Management II (AT302), Technical Physics (PS 103 w/ Lab), and Aviation Weather (WX 301).

Next semester’s flight, I’m registering for Commercial Multi in the Diamond Twin Star (DA-42-L360). That will be on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

As an incoming freshman your academic advisor makes your schedule. But the following semester and on, you are given the course offerings booklet and you select the courses and times to suit your needs.

Just the other night we watched as the last ever night space shuttle launch took place. It was quite a sight in Titusville and quite a long day thereafter, as the launch was 6:21 AM on a Monday.


That weekend my friends and I spent two days at the beach. It was a really nice day out, both days! Hoping to do the same next weekend!

Daytona is a really great town to be located for college! Some might disagree, but everyone has got their own opinion.


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Over and Out.

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