June 10, 2010

Monorail is the best place to be on Disney property. Not only are we awesome, but the fast-paced working environment reminds me of the airline industry. Like Jet Fuel, the hustle and bustle of moving trains and people has gotten into my blood and I can’t control the want to be at work. The trains are so much fun to play with and I can’t believe I’m getting paid to have this much fun! The other part I love about my job is making magical moments for my guests. From handouts to a friendly smile, bringing the joy to them as Disney did for me when I was there for the first time is what makes this job oh so much better than anything else.

Aviation Safety:
I’ve been continuing my work on my “Everyone Comes Home” Program and it is coming together nicely. I launched the program and it got its final name in a conversation with Kelly’s significant other in December of last year. “He never promised me much, he just promised me he’d be home from that trip” got my wheels turning on a name for a program for occupant survivability. It finally hit me listening to Bryan Adam’s “I Will Always Return” and the name stuck. The program is exactly what the name implies. It is a program that we in the safety field need to make sure that everyone (Flight Crew or Passengers) comes home from a trip. The program entails education in the Cabin Safety and Survival field from potential injuries one may incur to the effective efforts of fire fighting from Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting. It is an extensive 300 page program written by yours truly. The poster came out great minus some crooked letters J but I’m going to make a final poster soon. It was a rough draft to get my point across.

Other Stuff in the News:
Next week I am going to go flying to Nashville to get on the Douglas DC-9-40. There are only 7 in the world and I can’t wait to get on one. It is a rare treat and a nice change from the Airbus A320 or 737-NG. I am also enjoying working in the admissions phone room. Again, because I get to help out people who are calling to ask questions about the university and applying. I think I can sum it up into one sentence that I REALLY like helping people out and making their day just a little bit better!

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**Hometown:** Saddle River New Jersey **Career Goals:** Cabin Safety/Survival with the FAA **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** In 2006, a friend was killed as the working flight attendant aboard Delta Connection Flight 5191 and I decided it was time to abandon the Flight Attendant career that inspired me out of high school and enter a field to promote and regulate change for a safer Aircraft Cabin Environment.

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