December 14, 2010

The countdown is approaching the end. Classes finished on December 9th and final exams are scattered between then and December 16th which is the day students have to check out of the dorms. For me, I only have one exam, a business exam, on Monday at 7:15pm. It will be weird to have a test that late at night, but they schedule it like that so that students can have enough time, more than the normal class time.

Friday December 10th was dedicated a “Study Day” which is basically a day off where you can begin to review everything for exams. On that date as well I signed up for my FAA Written Private Exam, which is basically the exam you have to pass in order to get your private license. Before taking the exam, however, you take AS121 aka Private Pilot Operations, which is a class dedicated to teaching you the basics on flying and how to pass that exam. Throughout the course you are required to take Gleims, which are basically practice tests for the FAA Written. They are practically the same thing and at the end of the course you take a LaserGrade, which is the last practice test and combines all units and chooses 60 random questions, just like the written. You have to get an 80% to pass the final gleim, even though you only need a 70% on the written to pass. The teachers do this to basically make sure that you could pass the real thing, which is a good idea. Thank goodness, I passed. The tests are $130 which is the increased price after it got changed from $80 this past April.

I will be leaving school on Tuesday evening and I am extremely excited to get back home but I definitely will miss my friends and the whole environment. It will be weird not flying for a month but I might be trying to fly a little bit at my local airport. When I go home, I plan on working over the break, just enough to get a little bit of money but I want to be able to enjoy my break. If you are my friend on facebook, you will most likely see pictures of me dressed up as an elf. I work at a grocery store and the thought it would be funny if they brought in a Santa and had an employee dress up as an elf and take pictures of the kids with Santa and give out candy canes. Of course they chose me, one of the tallest elfs you would ever see. Alot of people said I reminded them of the movie Elf with Will Ferrell.

Here’s a picture of last year so you can have a laugh but it was definitely fun, a good way to get in the holiday spirit, which you don’t really have as much down here because it usually is warm, however, it has been some crazy weather here in Daytona Beach. Never did I expect it to get as cold as it has. This past week I preflighted the airplane when the temperature was 27 and the wind chill was about 20 or so. Even if you’re coming to Florida, bring gloves! Once you’re here for a while, your body adjusts to the heat. So even when it drops to about 60 degrees or so, it feels a lot colder.

I also have applied to be a Resident Advisor since the last journal, so hopefully I might be one of your RAs next year. If I don’t become a Resident Advisor, I will most likely move off campus to one of the local apartment complexes with a friend. I like living on campus, seeing how everything is so close, but I like having my own place, where there is more to customize. I can buy my own sofa, own bed, and own desk. Well I guess this basically wraps up our last journal of 2010. I cannot wait to start a whole new set of classes and I hope you all have happy holidays and a great new year! Ladies and gentlemen, we have just been cleared to land into Daytona Beach, local time is 1232 and temperature is 57 degrees. Please make sure one last time your seat belt is securely fastened. The flight attendants are currently passing around the cabin to make a final compliance check and pick up any remaining cups and glasses. Thank you.

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