March 13, 2011

This weekend was definitely a good ending to a pretty hectic week and a good kick-off to another crazy week before spring break. Trust I have three papers due; one in Com 122 (English), HU143 (Intro to rhetoric), and one for SS110 (World History). On top of all those being due, a test for SP110 (Intro to Space Flight) and constant piling homework in MA140 (College Algebra) were added in.

I decided with all the things going on that Friday thru Sunday had to be something exciting and fun for me to relax amongst all the work and stressfulness these two weeks had and would bring. Friday night while attending the ODK (a Greek organization) charity event, I hung out with my friends and fellow DJs from WIKD (Eagles FM). I stood by for awhile and tried to learn how to spin for Mobile DJ-ing should I decide to do it later on. And then around 8 headed to a hilarious Friday Night Laughs featuring two hilarious comedians; John Bush and Kyle Dunnigans! Afterwards, I proceeded back to the DJ tent and sat there freezing until I just couldn’t take it anymore.

The next day was just as, or even more relaxing than the day before considering I basically lounged around with my friend, worked on an article for the Avion (our school newspaper) and then some other homework assignments. The night brought an experiment with night time photography and the use of shutter speed and flash techniques. Over all I couldn’t complain about my weekend. It was relaxing, not overly crazy or anything and, although today (Sunday I would be doing more homework so I can hopefully have a more peaceful week, I also will be doing fun things in between. I’ll be taking time to listen to some music or look over some of my photos from the previous night/morning and maybe even edit some. I am excited for the Spring break vacation and relaxing, but I am in no way saying I won’t still have work to do over the break because I will but I am more determined than ever to stay positive and open to a moment of free thought or even a nap. So when I’m finished here, I’ll help my friend flat iron her hair and share funny stories then later on do some homework while listening to some fun music…that’s something I can look forward to definitely.

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