March 13, 2011

I love March. So many events go on and it really is a great month, well for me at least it is. It means that it’s spring (even though it feels like it’s been spring here in Daytona for the past 2 months), my birthday was March 11 and now I only have one week left of classes until SPRING BREAK!
My birthday was really fun. I only got 5 hours of sleep because I was so excited, even though I had a cross country the following morning. In spite of losing sleep, I was though extremely awake, I mean who wouldn’t be excited to spend the first 3 hours of your birthday 6000 feet in the sky, flying over Florida?! If you find someone, let me know. My instructor and I flew to Melbourne, Florida, not Melbourne Australia. It was a great flight, even though I learned that Melbourne Tower are not the friendliest of people. My instructor and I talked about it on the way. She went on to say that our school is going to be talking to them because they have a reputation for being cruel to students, which isn’t a good thing, especially if they are on a solo flight. It causes the student to become stressed out even more and possibly upset, which can lead to more confusion and possibly even an accident.
Anyways, once back on the ground, I had classes as usual and spent the night driving around Daytona and had a pizza/movie night with friends. I was sad to say that Bike Week was the week of my birthday. I officially hate motorcycles more than when I came down here. If you do bring your car to school and are out during Bike Week, please make sure to “Look Twice, Save a Life” as they say. As we were driving around on my birthday, we saw a motorcyclist who got hit by a truck; hopefully he is ok.
Another event occurred this past week and that was the 8.9 earthquake in Japan that triggered a huge tsunami that devastated Japan. All of Japan is in my thoughts and the death toll is supposedly over 10,000 people. We also went to IKEA in Orlando, which was awesome, since I love IKEA and it was my friend Jim’s first time. Let’s just say he is now in love with the store.
Classes are going good and I seem to be enjoying some of them more than I originally thought I would. For my humanities class we actually have spent a bunch of time watching Dr. Who?, which if you don’t know is a television show in the UK. We watch and then spend the rest of the time talking about the episodes, themes, and other contributions to the series.
This coming week won’t be too difficult, although I have one test on Monday and a paper due on Friday. Many professors are being extremely nice and cancelling class on Friday because of the fact that many people are trying to get out of town early. I, however, don’t leave till the following Monday. I am flying back home to Maryland and I am very excited to see friends and family. I was planning on staying here and building up my hours because there is a great discount for people who do so but because of the huge snow storm at the beginning of the year, my mom was refunded her Miles for Delta so we got a pretty sweet discount to fly home. Plus, after spring break, we don’t have any huge breaks until the end of the semester, which, believe it or not, is about a month and a half away.By that time, I will become a junior and only have 2 years of school left until I graduate. Besides my flight that I told you about, I am scheduled to finish my private license by the 2nd week of April which is a little behind schedule because of weather and spring break but I only have about 7 flights left, including the check ride. I also received my shirt tail from my solo from my instructor. It was such a happy moment and I framed it and it is now hanging in our middle room, which you can see here. Many of you have added me on facebook and emailed me questions and I would like to thank you for your continuous support and would like to tell you that you should definitely stay tuned this week to my Youtube Channel Because I will be putting a lot of updates on the channel this week before I fly home. The rest of the dorm tours, which people have been waiting for, are also coming. Till next time-Over and out!

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