June 1, 2011

Well, guys, I’m back! I had thought that my last entry would be my final entry, but the Admissions Department has asked me to continue writing for you all for the summer to tell you guys about what I am up to. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to continue sharing my experiences with you for a few more months.

For any new readers, welcome, and I hope that my experiences will help you in deciding which college and degree program suits your interests best. Please take a moment to review my previous journal entries from the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 semesters as there may be information in those entries that will help you as well.

Since I wrote to you guys last, classes ended and the summer started! I ended the semester with a very high GPA and am happy that all my work throughout the semester paid off. Very shortly after classes ended, my friends went home to their respective states, so I was left here without much to do, or so I thought. Luckily, I found that many of my friends were actually staying to take some summer classes, so I really haven’t been all that bored to be honest.

Now, obviously, I am working full time and living in my apartment full time as well. It is pretty neat to have a place all to yourself as my roommate has gone home for the summer. It is actually pretty easy to maintain the apartment being here alone as I am a relatively clean person. I am really not at the apartment all that much anyways so this helps as well.

My time has been spent primarily working in the Operations Department at the Daytona Beach International Airport. It is a great opportunity for me because as many of you know, this is what I want to get into upon graduation from Embry-Riddle. Airport Operations is great because of all of the responsibility that is associated with the position. You are a representative of the airport management and it is your job to patrol the airport enforcing regulations and rules, coordinating emergency response or any other irregular things that may be going on at the airport, and ensuring everyone’s safety. I really have a blast with it. Contrary to what I thought initially, I have not found the summertime to be any less busy than the main school year in terms of flight traffic. This is good as it always translates to more excitement and things going on.

I have found ways to keep myself busy on the weekends and days off, as well. As you know if you read my journal before, I am obsessed with Disney World and go there often. This has only increased since I finished classes and I have been going at least once a week for the most part. It is really a blast and some of my friends still in the area love it just as much as I do so it has been a good way to pass time. Even some friends from home have come down to visit Disney World and I have met up with them there.

Some of my family that lives in southern Florida have also driven up to come and see me so I have had things to do during most of my free time. I went down to see them on Memorial Day. This is also my last weekend in Florida before I go home for the summer so I am busy for sure.

For those of you that don’t know, I am from Connecticut and work in Operations at an airport up there when I am home—Tweed New Haven Regional Airport. So, once I go home (actually this will be my last entry written from Florida), I will continue to provide you stories and insight from that airport and things I do up there.

I am definitely looking forward to going home as I haven’t been to Connecticut since January when I left to come back to Daytona for the spring semester. I have been able to see my family several times since then but I definitely miss my dog and am looking forward to seeing him.

In my next entry, I will tell you some of the stories and things that have happened at the airports during my shifts, but in the meantime, please read back to my older entries if you haven’t already. As always, I encourage you to email me at grecoj1@my.erau.edu with any questions you might have at all.

Talk to you guys soon!

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