June 1, 2011

Some of you may recall I wrote a journal on this site about a year ago as a freshman. Since then, I have completed my second year of college, now hold junior standing, and still pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Science. In addition, I also now hold Commercial Pilot certification for Single and Multiengine Land Airplanes.

For the summer months ahead I will be writing about my internship at Continental Airlines. I’m currently based at Newark Liberty Int’l Airport (EWR), working in the NYC Chief Pilot Office. During the month of June I will be in Houston, Texas receiving training for Continental’s Boeing 737 fleet. I am very excited and appreciative to have been accepted to such a program.

I applied through a link made available by the Career Services department and within two weeks received a phone call about an interview. The interviews were conducted in Houston and Continental flew me out there from Orlando. Upon arrival I was greeted by the current interns, had breakfast with them, and had some time beforehand to ask them questions.

I was told shortly after the interview that I had been accepted for the position. I was so happy to hear those words. Afterwards, I was taken on a tour of the pilot training center. At the end of the day, I returned to Daytona Beach to finish the spring semester and began working one week after final exams.

So far, I’m completed three weeks and I’ve learned so much! Most importantly I have enjoyed every minute of it!

On my first day, I got settled in at my desk and began some of my daily tasks. These daily tasks include distributing mail to pilot’s mailboxes or v-files, collecting and storing international flight envelopes, and various other office tasks. I occasionally get assignments from the Chief Pilot and the Assistant Chief Pilots as well.

On my second day, I assisted at a meeting with Continental’s Boeing 777 check airmen. Afterwards I was invited to join them out to dinner, where I got to meet all of them and ask them about their experiences and very extensive careers.

 While at Newark, I’ve attended some classes taught by pilots, for pilots, about common topics and upcoming issues. These classes were so neat to attend because they offered lots of insight about working as a pilot, and more specifically at Continental (soon to be the new United).

I got a chance to visit the operations tower at Newark’s Terminal C, which has a great view of Manhattan, as well as the ramp it controls.

After a week into the position, I travelled to Houston, TX for corporate orientation, where the other interns and I got to meet executives, including the Chief Operating Officer.

The following Monday, I returned to Houston again to take advantage of an Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) tour/demonstration. It was quite amazing to see how sophisticated their trucks really are. Interns at Continental are given opportunities to tour many facilities. Some of the tours I can setup myself while at Newark. But others are setup for me, by our coordinator, and take place in Houston. For those tours I can commute or ‘deadhead’ to attend.

As Continental and United merge to become the world’s leading airline, many changes are taking place. It is certainly an exciting time to be a part of this company! During this past week, I was in charge of handing out the new crew IDs.

The best part about working in the Chief Pilot’s Office so far is meeting all the pilots as they pass through and listening to their advice and stories, which are invaluable.

All interns at Continental are given standby travel-privileges. Just this past weekend I travelled round-trip to Geneva, Switzerland in Business First. All I needed to pay was a departure tax when returning to the US. I hope to travel to more countries and cities throughout the summer and I am very appreciative to have this opportunity!

That’s all for now!
Over and Out.

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