June 20, 2011

Well, Day one is complete!

I don’t have a lot of exciting news to report since I spent most of my time in orientation today. The day started off early, arriving on base at 0715. (I have to get used to using military time now!) New employee orientation lasted a solid 3 hours. We went through a lot of paperwork and briefings on safety, ethics and proper etiquette while on base. From there, I was released to my department. I met the department secretary who had more paperwork for me to fill out. My former classmate, who works at this company full time now, was downstairs in the Human Performance Lab. I was able to meet up with her and see where she is conducting her thesis research. We were able to get lunch together and walk around the office so that I could meet all of my co-workers. I have my very own cubicle, which is a step up in the world since I heard last year’s interns had to share a cube.

The Navy is going green! Each person has their own trash and recycling can at their desk. Then, I had more training to complete online. It was a very in-depth training on how to keep your personal and work information safe from others. I learned that I need to make my own personal passwords stronger! By the time I was finished with that training, it was already after 1700 and the day was over.

I’m excited to begin working on real projects soon. Everyone there was very nice. There seem to be a lot of fun things to do on base as well. I have already scoped out the fitness center, there is a chapel, bowling alley and a movie theater! I think it is going to be a very fun summer.

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