July 3, 2011

The past two weeks have been so hectic, traveling back and forth to Dallas. I even almost accidentally went to Narita, Japan but that’s another story. My seventh week on the internship was somewhat slow. Most of the time was spent in the office going to meetings and learning about general airport operations. It is definitely amazing to see how much input is needed to efficiently run an airport.

The week was spent working on the APU usage project, where I updated spreadsheets and created graphs, which had to be presented to the Airport Manager. It’s a lot of work but it will save the company millions of dollars and also increase the efficiency of the airport operations as it points out where flaws are.

The best part of this internship I’d have to say is the interaction  with the pilots. I probably chat with about 50 pilots daily and they all have advice for me. It is great to be surrounded by such an intelligent, supportive and fun group. Being a Safety Minor also, I got to meet some pilots who are on the AA Go Team, which are basically Accident Investigators. We were able to speak about things related to Accident Investigation and I learned so much. After taking SF330- Aircraft Accident Investigation class at ERAU, I was able to hold a conversation with the investigators and relate to some of the things they were speaking about. It may be something I’d like to pursue in the future.

The weekend took me to Las Vegas. It was amazing. I was there with two friends, one an American Eagle Pilot and the other an intern from Alaska Airlines. We hardly slept so that’s a testament of how much fun we had. The pictures to the left and above were from that trip. The one from the air shows the Grand Canyon from about 38,000 feet. I returned to NY on the Saturday and then met up with my good friend on Sunday for some fun in the city. It was an amazing weekend.

The eight-week began with so much 777s. This aircraft surrounded me. On Monday morning by 9:30 I had already preflighted two 777s. I almost made it to Narita also. That would have been funny to explain to my boss. I was chilling in the cockpit with the pilots after the preflight and the flight attendant almost closed the door with me in the aircraft. I wished she did! When I went back to the office I met two 777-check pilots and later that day had lunch with a 777 captain who was heading to Brazil later that night. The wealth of advice and knowledge you can gain from these pilots is unbelievable. The picture to the right is from the preflight and the picture below is of me enjoying the 777 First Class with a few of the crewmembers.

Later that week I headed to Dallas for a Luncheon with the fellow interns and Ms. Lauren Tascione- AA Senior Administrator FOQA and Accident Investigator. It was a fun time and she had a lot of great advice and stories to share. This internship has given me so much and there is so much more to learn too.

The following weeks will be so much more involving as the Chief Pilot asked me to give him my wish list and he will allow me to do everything on it. Next week I will be heading to the FAA Tower at JFK, and also working 2 night shifts at the Ramp Control Tower. In the near future I will be going to the New York ARTCC, have an airport and ARFF Tour, preflight Air Berlin’s A330, JAL 747-400, Finnair A340, and Qatar 777-300ER. I’ll also be working in the Maintenance Hanger too. So stay tuned and see all the pictures… Happy 4th July!

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**Minor:** Safety; Aviation Weather; Air Traffic Control; Dispatch Program **Employer:** American Airlines; Proctor & Gamble **Hometown:** Georgetown, Guyana **Career Goals:** Work on Master of Science in Aeronautics while Flight Instructing, then enter the regional airlines to build some hours before entering the majors or corporate aviation. After retiring, return to ERAU as a professor in the Aeronautical Science Department. **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** I have always been passionate about flying since I was a child and always pursued that dream. As such I wanted to attend the best school for Aviation, that being Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I wanted to obtain the best education possible in the field as well as the most advanced and unsurpassable flight training; therefore I chose to attend ERAU.

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