November 2012

Hello again!

It’s the time of the semester to register for spring classes, and one of the great perks of being in the Honors Program here is priority registration. Especially since registration is a somewhat complicated process with seeing your advisor, writing your four year plan, and making sure you will pass all your current courses, it feels good to get it all out of the way early. I am excited that next semester I will be starting courses for my Meteorology minor!

The end of the month is always busy because it is normally where the due dates fall for projects and exams. I have been studying away, but there is always time for fun. Recently I’ve caved into a floor-wide fascination with Pokémon. Somehow all of your childhood obsessions that seemed lame in middle school and high school come back to you in college as super cool.

As far as classwork goes however, I’m doing a lot of group work on final projects for several different classes. In our EGR101 class, we are still working on our project for American Home Health care. We made the initial design for our sock device, and now we’ve started our prototypes. That means working in the lab… with power tools! We found out that our group will actually get to present the project to the organization after Thanksgiving break.

I’ve also been working on one of my final projects for Graphic Communications, which is the airplane design project. I am learning so much about CATIA through this project, because the design has to be complicated, but I’m proud of where the final product is going! Even though I’m a mechanical engineer, I still like airplanes, and this school has certainly done a lot to enhance that fascination.

As you’ve probably heard from the news, Hurricane Sandy hit the US in the past couple weeks. Although the northeast got the worst of the storm, the campus was distraught for several days when temperatures dropped down into the upper 40s and 50s. It was normal Ohio fall temperatures for me, but it’s definitely not quite as easy to handle when you’re used to walking outside to 80 degree weather. There were people bundled in winter coats, hats and scarves! Luckily the sun is back out and the weather is back to normal. We’ve actually had clear skies for several days!

In terms of off campus entertainment this week, our RA, Brenna took our wing to Hard Knocks, which is a laser tag arena based on real combat environments. It was really fun, and I liked the change from the stereotypical laser tag arena. We also spent a Saturday afternoon volunteering at the Walk for Autism Speaks.

Getting ready for a mission at Hard Knocks. Lastly, Halloween was this past week, and although I didn’t get to go trick-or-treating, I did get to dress up to go to my ERRSA meeting. The girls helped me put together a costume we did hair and makeup. I used clothes and things I found around my dorm and ended up as a Queen Bee. Everyone in ERRSA dressed up and we did a costume contest.

ERRSA members dressed for the costume contest. Only a few weeks until the end of the semester… see ya!

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