November 2012

It’s about that time again, time for a new entry. The days are getting shorter and shorter and the semester is getting closer and closer to the end. We really only have about a month of classes left before winter break. Thanksgiving is next week and I am certainly looking forward to seeing my extended family in Chicago. And yes, I am also looking forward to some weather that is colder than 70 degrees, but probably only for about 4 days. This might not be the most exciting journal entry but you can go read Waverly’s if you get bored. She is good!

Anyways, the past couple of weeks have been a blur. It almost seemed like the first month of school went by really slow but it seems like the past month has just flown by. Classes are still chugging along; they are kind of starting to wind down. When I say wind down I really mean pick up because professors are starting to get us ready for finals. Unfortunately, I have two tests this week and a paper due. But the good news is that one of my classes is already ending on Wednesday, which should free up some much needed nap time for me.

This past weekend was awesome. Me and a couple of friends rented a plane and flew up to Gainesville where the University of Florida is located. It was their homecoming weekend so we took advantage of the festivities and had a good time touring the campus and tailgating before watching the Gators play a football game, then flying back on Saturday evening.

Photo: Watching the Gators play at the SwampPhoto: Nice weather on the flight back from GainesvilleIn other news I am working my way towards getting my Private Pilot Certificate. I should be soloing by the end of this week. I have my pre-solo check ride coming up next and, if I pass, my instructor and I will go up to Flagler where I will do my first solo. I am choosing to do my Solo at Flagler because I like that airport a lot. There is a restaurant called Hijackers (very ironic) that my instructor and I have stopped at for lunch a couple of times, so I feel comfortable with the area. How the solo will work is we will leave Daytona and fly up to Flagler, we will do 3 full stop landings together, then I will drop him off and do 3 full stop landings myself while remaining in the traffic pattern. I will then pick up my instructor and we will fly back to Daytona. I am really curious as to what it will feel like to be in the plane by myself. I expect it to feel like driving by yourself for the first time but on maybe a little bit of a bigger scale. Either way, I am looking forward to it and will be a great experience.

Photo: Quick picture at Flagler after stopping for a bite to eatI’ve gotten some good e-mails from readers with good questions lately. I’m glad because I didn’t think anyone was reading! My email address is if you have anything feel free to ask!

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