January 2013

It’s been a while since I have been able to submit an entry, from exams to winter break to the start of a new semester. My exams all turned out great, and I was rewarded with a surprise Birthday cruise to the Bahamas thanks to my grandma.  It was great getting the chance to travel, visit home, and see old friends while enjoying the holidays, but it’s even better to be back here at Riddle. I’m looking forward to this new semester and a fresh start to a new year.

I have a rather spread out schedule this semester, with classes ranging from early morning to early evening so we’ll see how this turns out! I’ve already gotten a head start on studying and even decided to enroll in chemistry which I cannot wait to attend. My advice for the beginning of spring semester for any new or upcoming students is do NOT procrastinate, get everything done right away and even move ahead.  It’s time for new classes, new students, new semester, new year, and a new me!

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Riddle Aeronautical university with images of space shuttles and outrageous storm photos, things I could not resist. I visited this outstanding Aeronautical school and knew immediately it was the place for me. **Activities:** DECA, dance

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