Test taking, volleyball and turning 21

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I apologize for this entry being a bit late. I have been pretty busy. The past few weeks have been filled with tests and studying. Exams at EPF are more like national standardized tests rather than an exam at Embry-Riddle. Probably one of the largest differences is that there are many more rules, besides the obvious no cheating and only being allowed to use certain types of calculators. To begin with, there is a seating chart, which is posted on a bulletin about 15 minutes before the exam is scheduled to start. Students have to find their names and their corresponding seat, which can be in one of the two amphitheaters or even in one of the other classrooms. This is because at EPF tests are given to an entire year of students, about 180 individuals, at a time. There is an empty place between each of the seats and all coats and backpacks are placed around the edges of the room. Notes are not allowed, and neither are calculators from home. Students must use TI-83s provided by the school. Each of the exams has at least two versions in order to deter cheating, much like the SATs or ACTs. In addition, the proctors also pass around a sign in sheet with each student’s name and their seating assignment. This allows them to see which students were seated together in case there appears that some tests are too similar. When comparing exams at EPF to ones at ERAU, it seems that tests at Embry-Riddle are more relaxed.

To begin with, there is no special seating chart with at least a spare desk between each student. This is probably due to the fact that when tests are given at ERAU, they are for a class of about 25-35 students, which usually fill the majority of chairs available so that there are not enough spare seats to evenly space students. In addition, there is not usually a sign in sheet. However, some professors at ERAU do require that their students place their belongings against the wall, like at EPF, in order to limit access to hidden notes, phones, and calculators. While some tests only allow non-graphing calculators to be used, most professors allow students to being calculators from home. I think ERAU uses this policy, instead the one at EPF, simply because there are too many students in too many different classes to organize which professors need which calculators at which times. In addition, calculators can be expensive. EPF can afford to give each student a calculator during an exam because the university only needs at most 200 calculators, accounting for broken ones and ones with dead batteries, at any given time. There easily 5 times more freshmen at ERAU than at EPF.

In the past two weeks, there haven’t been too many other notable events. The girls’ volleyball team that I am on experienced its first victory. Right now we have currently won one out of five games. Last Saturday, I celebrated my 21st birthday. I kept things pretty small. I went out of lunch with friends and then I spent the rest of the day going absolutely crazy by watching television shows and not doing any homework. In France, teens are legally allowed to drink and buy alcohol and other liquors at age 18, so turning 21 isn’t really that important. Hopefully, I will have more exciting things to report back to you in the next entry, including pictures. Until then, try not to study too much and get some sleep. There are only a few weeks left in the semester and then it is Christmas break.
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2 thoughts on “Test taking, volleyball and turning 21

  1. Hi Brenna,
    My son wants to attend summer camp at erau. Do you have any feedback on the safety and guidance the high school students are offered during summer camp.My son is 16 year old and will be travelling alone to the USA for the first time.
    Kindly share your opinion

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Vibha,
      To be honest, I do not have much experience with the K-12 Education Outreach. However, I have found the ERAU website for the summer programs here: http://daytonabeach.erau.edu/degrees/summer-camps/index.html. At the top right corner, information is given for how to contact the summer program office by phone: (386) 226-7945 and by email: summer@erau.edu.
      I suppose the type of guidance your son receives will depend on what type of camp he would like to attend. My understanding is that ERAU offers sports, technical, and academic camps that can be during the day or have an on campus, residential component.

      What I do know a bit about is Campus Safety, their website is located here: http://daytonabeach.erau.edu/campus-services/safety/about/index.html. Embry-Riddle has Campus Safety officers who patrol campus during both the day and night. They watch over and inside the campus buildings, parking lots, and residential halls. My experience with Campus Safety has been very positive. They are quick to respond to situations and are professional. All of the Safety Officers that I have had the opportunity to meet are wonderful people who really just want what is best for the students.
      Embry-Riddle also has an on campus Student Wellness Center where Health Services: http://daytonabeach.erau.edu/campus-services/health-services/health-services.html and Counseling Services http://daytonabeach.erau.edu/campus-services/counseling/counseling-services.html are offered.
      Since your son would be traveling to the US own his own, it may be easier for him to fly into Daytona Beach International Airport than into Orlando. DAB is about 10 minutes away from campus and the staff there is used to Embry-Riddle students, so if he needs, they can probably help him find his way to campus by cab.
      Please feel free to explore the links I provided and do not hesitate to contact any of the numbers provided on the webpages. I hope this information is helpful to you and I wish your son the best of luck. Please do not hesitate to ask me any more questions.
      Have a Good Day,

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