An Intermission


Grand Central Station is astonishingly beautiful.

As I sit here typing, I’m literally having that “What I learned in boating school is…!” moment from Spongebob as I try to account for what happened these past few weeks.

With my first semester completed, I finally have time to reevaluate all the things that have happened to me over the past four months. I have learned from my mistakes, and hopefully I will have the courage and intuition to make the upcoming semester better for myself, physically and mentally.

Of course as I waited for my flight at Orlando International Airport, I had plenty of time to


The Airbus a320 I was on crossing the runway after touching down at Newark.

think about these things since my flight was delayed for about five hours. With my 7PM departure time on December 10th bumped up to 12AM , I didn’t get to my house until 4AM the next day. Surprisingly enough, I was very alert and awake… I may have accidentally “loosened” one of those motorized sliding doors at Newark trying to get to my parents because they had to move the SUV, but I digress. Once I recovered from the flight, I spent the day visiting old friends and the next I went back in business as a freelance photographer taking pictures of my friend’s Sweet 16.

The following week I went back to work at the staffing firm I’d been interning at for the past


I would take the train to Newark, NJ and then the PATH to the World Trade Center. Elapsed time: 1.5 hours.

3 years in New York City. It was good seeing my old coworkers again, and it felt good getting back into the swing of things. Nothing says you’re a man like commuting to work by train, working in the financial district of New York City, and drinking hot chocolate during breaks; I missed it.

Despite experiencing Daylight Savings my whole life and working in the city for 3 years, the whole “Wow it gets really dark here after 4PM” thing never really stuck with me. To be honest I was hoping for some snow this winter because I hear the city looks fantastic at night with snow. I never had the opportunity to see itfor myself because I would usually leave the city by around 6PM due to my hour-long commute. I’m hoping to at least go back on New Year’s Day as a tourist to visit all the places and see the sights before going back to Florida.

On the bright side, I’m looking forward to coming back to Riddle. I feel like a new person and I have a feeling that 2015 may be my year. Only time will tell right? Happy Holidays everyone, and I hope to see you all really soon!

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