It’s a Whole New World!!

It’s summer time again! Palm trees, sweet cool breeze, and beaches everywhere!….Well that’s what I would be saying if I was still in Florida right now. I’m sitting on my balcony of 15th floor where my apartment lays in Washington, D.C.  This is my new home, a whole new world to me.Looking back a couple of years ago to my freshman year at Embry-Riddle, I most certainly wouldn’t believe I’ve made it this far! Ashley Hollis-Bussey, a Commercial Space Operations major has been accepted as an intern for the Office of Commercial Space Transportation (AST) of the FAA. I have already started my first week and there is a lot I want to share and hope others can learn with me as I go through this amazing journey here in Washington D.C.


Coming here I didn’t know what to expect. How professional should I be? Should I ask a lot of questions or feel out the scenery? Etc… I wasn’t even sure if the environment in the office will be friendly or strictly business. One thing is for sure to not to get too nervous, and remember to breathe. It’s a chance of a life time, so I have to embrace it!

My first day was introduction day, getting to know everyone and seeing where my office will be, and what I will be doing for the next 10 weeks in AST. I got assigned to work on a project on Human Space Flight standards in relation to the Recommended Practices the FAA AST office has. The rest of week got even better! I attended some really awesome meetings…I wish I could share but I’m not allowed too…so sorry! But over all it was a good start. I recommend to everyone who starts a new job or internship that dressing up the first entire week is great for first impressions. Around the office of AST you get a mix of both professional and business causal. But either way it doesn’t hurt to be fancy sometimes! I didn’t ask many questions the first week being in the office only because I’m a shy person but now I know for the further weeks to come, I should ask as many questions no matter how small of question may be. I learned that the AST office was there for me. It was really cool to see how the AST office cared about us interns. They actually wanted to help us learn. I have heard many horror stories of other peoples internships and how they were basically thrown into the pit of fire, so I admit I was scared that was going to happen. But it didn’t! Couple of the meetings I went to, (this is something I can say), they gave brief lessons that they would give to anyone who is a new hire. Many of the managers of the divisions in AST also invited us to other important meetings that they thought could be of value to us. I even been invited to a Women of AST lunch-in!

There is so much I could say about my first week, but it has been an over whelming experience (in a good way). Since this is my first blog after all, I want to keep it short, sweet, and simple till next time!! I’ll make sure to take good picture of the office and the coolest places in D.C.!!

Till then…signing off,


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**Ashley** – Intern with the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Commercial Space Transportation **Major:** Commercial Space Operations **Hometown:** Jacksonville, Florida **Campus Involvement:** Commercial Space Operation Student Organization, National Society of Black Engineers, Human Performance in Extreme Environment Club, and Amateur Astronomy Club **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** I chose Riddle because of the healthy environment and opportunities it provides for it students.

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