Blue Skies and Tailwinds

Hey Everyone!

Sorry It has been a while since my last blog, summer has really been keeping me busy!

Classes and Flying

Summer B classes are in full swing already! It’s crazy how fast classes over the summer go by! Summer time is one of the best times to take classes in my opinion. I love the opportunity to get classes done in about half the time. Also campus is pretty quiet and peaceful. Parking is no hassle at all and you don’t have as much of the pressure and stress from clubs and organizations.I also enjoy the smaller classroom sizes, it allows for a better overall learning environment!

The summertime is also a great time to get a lot of flight training done (if you aren’t getting weathered by the afternoon Florida thunderstorms) I have been busy flying almost every evening and I have gotten so much more done! My dad came to visit earlier in the summer and I even had the opportunity to take him up on one of my flights with my instructor! It was a cool moment to finally show one of my biggest supporters all that I have accomplished down here at Riddle so far.


Took my dad up flying when he came to visit!



One of the perks about going to Embry-Riddle, is having tons of friends that are pilots! A few friends and I rented a plane and flew up to Saint Simons Island, Georgia! This is a very popular destination among Riddle pilots because the flight is beautiful all the way up the coast and there is an excellent BBQ restaurant!!



Flying up to KSSI in Georgia!


There’s something about the satisfaction of flying to dinner that makes it so much more satisfying!



Summertime Fun

While I’m not in class or flying, I have spent the rest of my time hanging out with friends, traveling, and training for my upcoming races.

Like I said before, summer is a little bit more low key, which gives me more time to do things for myself! Just a few weeks ago my friend and I ran the River Racing Series 10k (6.2 miles!)  It was so much fun! We woke up super early and even got to watch the sunrise over the inter-coastal. The race was a big loop that ran alongside the water. It was such a beautiful morning and I even beat my goal time by almost 10 minutes! I have set a goal to complete the Honolulu Marathon  in December! Since I grew up in Hawaii I thought this would be the perfect first marathon. I have about 5 races lined up in the fall to train for the race including a 15K and half marathon.Wish me luck-this Florida heat is killer!


Post 10K !


For Fourth of July weekend, I was invited to go down to Naples (where my boyfriend Kyle is from) and take a trip down to Key West on a yacht! We spent the long weekend, walking around Duval Street, snorkeling out on the reefs and watching fireworks from the pier! There’s so much fun stuff to do down here in Florida, and it was so neat to be able to go to the southern most point of the U.S!


Fourth of July out on Sand Key Reef!


Sand Key Lighthouse


The reef was amazing! We saw all the different reef fish, a sea turtle, sting ray, and even a shark!


Attempting to be patriotic right before we watched the fireworks over the pier!


Life down here at Embry-Riddle has been really fun and pretty busy lately. I can’t believe that I am entering my final year of college! It really does go by so quickly and it is so important to soak up all the different opportunities that come your way, whether it’s academically or socially!

Until Next Time;Blue Skies and Tailwinds!



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