The Sweet Call of Fall!

Have you seen them?! The back to school commercials?! They are taking over, yet again to let everyone know it’s back to the books. I’m guessing they wanted to let me know that My internship is almost up too! NOOO!!! I love it here in D.C., all the rich history, the people I’ve met, and importantly the skills I have been learning. This experience will forever be in my heart. I want to express that through this internship, I have gained skills that are absolutely essential to benefit me as a CSO student and prepare me for my future in the commercial space flight industry. Attaining insight on human space flight standards, CFRs, and experience in a professional work environment, I have also gained the following underlying skills:

  • Extensive knowledge on NASA Commercial Crew Transportation standards
  • Expanded knowledge on FAA’s Recommended Practices for Human Space Flight Occupant Safety
  • Vast awareness on 14 CFR Chapter III part 460
  • Stronger ability to vocally express myself in a professional work environment
  • Confidence in my work ethic attitude and thought process
  • Advanced professional writing style

I never would have thought that less than a semester, about 10 weeks, would have I grown into a young professional, striving to make commercial human spaceflight accessible for everyone!


Space Shuttle Discovery at Udvar-Hazy Center at Chantilly, Virginia

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About Ashley

**Ashley** – Intern with the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Commercial Space Transportation **Major:** Commercial Space Operations **Hometown:** Jacksonville, Florida **Campus Involvement:** Commercial Space Operation Student Organization, National Society of Black Engineers, Human Performance in Extreme Environment Club, and Amateur Astronomy Club **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** I chose Riddle because of the healthy environment and opportunities it provides for it students.

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