The Work Load

I can’t believe that it is already October! The first full month of school flew by. This semester, I am taking Speech, Financial Accounting, Marketing, Microeconomics, and Statistics, and I am working quite a bit in the Career Services Office as a student assistant. It is definitely a full load, but so far, it has been easy to handle; since I did survive a week of four tests and one speech due last week, I think I can handle just about anything at this point.

Towards the end of summer, I was a bit concerned with starting classes again as I did not think that I would remember how to study or really even have the motivation to study, but surprisingly, the transition was quite easy; taking interesting classes does help!

In my speech class, we are learning a lot about delivery and helping relive stress that we get when having to speak publicly. Public speaking is not really my thing as I definielty prefer writing, but so far, I am enjoying the class. Most, if not all, students will have to take the class, but it is definitely worth it as it will help you communicate and listen better.

My Financial Accounting, Marketing, and Microeconomics classes are all core business classes, and even if you are minoring in business, it is likely you will have to take them. These three classes are my favorite by far as all of my teachers make relative connections to what is going on the real world, and in Microeconomics, we are required to scan the Wall Street Journal; yes this may sound boring, but it is crucial to know what is going on in the world. Out of these three classes, Marketing is definitely the most fun as examine consumer behavior as well as how companies try to target and segment customers; plus, watching commercials provides nice breaks!

Meanwhile in Career Services, we are gearing up for our big Industry Career Expo that is Wednesday, October 7. There will be 99 employers on campus from all facets of the aviation industry as well as other industries all recruiting for interns and full time opportunities. I’ve been busy polishing my shoes, ironing my suit, and cleaning up the resume as I have a feeling that it will be a great experience. More on this soon!

Well, I have to run to Statistics. Until next time,


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