Let the Spring 2016 Begin!

Let the Spring 2016 semester begin! We just finished our first week of Spring 2016 classes (a whole three days!), and it is quite nice to start getting back into the swing of things.

This semester, I am taking five classes which is a typical load for most students. I am taking Airline/Airport Operations, Managerial Accounting, Technical Report Writing, Business Information Systems, and Business Quantitate Methods. Sounds a bit scary right?! In the end, everything seems fairly manageable.IMG_3916

Most of my classes are considered upper-level classes which means that we will start learning more and developing specific skills for our major. For example, Business Quantitative Methods is similar to a statistics class, but there is a twist to it; in the class, we will look at building models, examining relationships/correlations, and using statistics while using Microsoft Excel. These will be very important skills to learn since Microsoft Excel is used by many, many, many companies, especially on the business side.

Also, this semester seems to be filled with many more projects, papers, and presentations than ever before which is cool as we will get to apply what we learn rather than just taking a multiple choice test.

So far, it seems that my favorite class will be Airline/Airport Operations; in this class, we will examine how airlines and airports both operate as well as how they work together to get people from point A to point B.

Stay tuned!


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